Onekama High School

Student Services Office

Secretary: Ann Swanson e-mail

Student Service Office: 889-5521

Superintendent's Office: 889-4251

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Staff and e-mail

Seth Pratt: PRINCIPAL/COUNSELOR - e-mail

Tom Bromley: World History,

History, PE /CLASS PAGE / e-mail

Eva Bradford: 6-12 Resource Room / CLASS PAGE /


Nathan Bradford: 6-12 Resource Room /CLASS PAGE / e-mail

Naomi Kolehmainen: Spanish / CLASS PAGE / e-mail

Matt Lonn: Science / CLASS PAGE / e-mail

Nikki Torrey:English, Gov., Econ/CLASS PAGE/ e-mail

Kelly Kelley: Math /CLASS PAGE / e-mail

Dana Woolman: HS Art / CLASS PAGE / e-mail

Nathan Bradford: A.D.& Games Manager / e-mail