Second Grade Reading Buddies with Fourth Graders

Even though older buddies provide many supports to the younger students, they also gain a lot from the experience. Older buddies benefit from buddy reading because they can:

Build Confidence

Struggling readers and shy students in the upper grades may not feel comfortable reading aloud with their same-aged peers. Reading to a younger student provides them with a chance to feel confident as a reader in a less intimidating environment. It naturally builds confidence when they know someone is looking up to them both academically and socially. The little buddies view their reading buddies as their role models and are in awe of them!

Act as a Mentor

In the same way reading buddies benefit older students who struggle with reading, it also helps students who have difficulty with self-control. They are forced to model positive character traits and set the example for responsible behavior during the designated time. The program naturally rewards them for good behavior by having someone look up to them rather than focusing on any negative behavior.

Photos by Mr. Ben Mauntler

Buddy reading Friday! Fourth grade paired up with second grade today. Students really enjoyed sharing their books with each other.

Photos by Mrs. Tracy Bennett