JuniorAchievement 2022

Today the fifth graders had their first session for Junior Achievement. Mrs. Punches is the class’s volunteer teacher for JA. She will be coming in to our classroom for the next several weeks on Mondays. Today students learned about entrepreneurship and the traits it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Photos provided by Mrs. Tracy Bennett

Session 2 for Junior Achievement focused on time zones and regions of the United States. Students were put into groups and given a region with specific regional resources to create a business within their assigned area. They presented what they would be selling, the name of their business, and their chosen slogan. They then created a drawing of how they would advertise their business. Students really enjoyed being entrepreneurs!

What a fun third JA session on November 21! Students got to participate in an entrepreneur game. They each were owners of a Hot Dog Stand where they kept track of their expenses and revenue on a money tracker sheet as they rolled their die for each task of the game. At end of the game, each student either would have a profit or a loss depending on where they landed for each task. Students learned what it might look like to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to run your own business. I’m sure the fifth grade class has many future entrepreneurs!

Photos by Mrs. Tracy Bennett

On November 30th for our fourth JA lesson, students made problem solving catchers and completed the tasks within the catcher. Students also discussed and filled out a bookmark on problem solving. Students had a lot of fun making the catchers!

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