Comments by Team Members: December 9

Last Saturday my basketball team played our last games. Our game was home. First we played against Traverse City. It was a close game. The score was 22-27. We lost, but we played hard. The next game was against Glen Lake. We played them just about every weekend. They are a really hard game to play against. The score was about 14-22. We played really hard to beat them. I passed the ball to Heather. Heather was the point guard. When Heather and I weren’t in the game, Rebecca passed in the ball to Autumn. Autumn was the other point guard. ~Veronica


My team had a fun game on the last game well at least I had half of the game cause I showed up late. Our score was 4 point away glen lake had 27 and we had 23. On our second game the score was so close but I forgot what it was. Most of the time I had to guard number 11 which is also my number. I had a fun basketball season I liked it . I might even do it next year to.   ~Janet


This weekend we had two basketball games. We lost both but we almost won one. We were down but at the end of the game we were down by five. That was are first game. The second game we lost but we had fun. Those are the last two games. We did so good this year.  ~Heather


Last Saturday we had our last game. Our score was 22 to 27 and we lost by 1 point. We all played really hard at our last game and we almost won. Our second score was something like 17 to 22 but I’m not really sure what the exact score was. Our team fouled a couple times but it's ok because the other team did too. Our first game was against Grand Traverse County and our second game was against Glen Lake. I'm really happy I joined the basketball team and I am definitely going to do it next year.  ~Jayla


My team played basketball. We played against Grand Rapids. We lost to them but it was a really close score it was 22 to 27. each shot is 2 points. We also played against Glen Lake we lost to them as well. The score was not as close it was like 14 to 24. My team played well and hard.  ~Rebecca


Our  team was fun like the sport. Basketball is a fun sport but some time are team mates are so aggressive like I am. I hope that are team get better and stronger player when they are older. Im hoping that I become a stronger player. Are last game we lost but we had fun in the act and i think that's all that matter in sports like basketball. In are last game we were really friendly and that bestraced us so we lost but the score was close 22 to 27 all in all I enjoyed the whole season.  ~From Autumn # 10