5th Grade Girls in Frankfort Nov. 18

Our 5th grade basketball game was so cool. I loved it. Our team this year are fighters. Some of the girls on our team are Jayla, Autumn, Janet, Heather, Hailey, Veronica, Becky, and me.At the beginning of our game, which was a back to back game was not so well. The team we were playing was Suttons Bay. That team was so aggressive. I can't believe it.I would have got more aggressive but i would crush all of the girls on that team. So i stayed low. At the last game that day we were 13 to 26. I had to bring the ball down. I was running so fast. We were all tired. I dodged my first opponent. I swerved down the court i stopped dribbling the ball. All of my teammates were yelling ‘’shoot the ball. Just shoot it Cora.’’I was so scared i wasn't close anuf to the basket. I looked around to see if anyone was open. No one is open i looked at the basket. It was all in slow motion. I took a deep breath i aimed the ball at the basket. I shot the ball. I watched it all happen at once. I heard the crowd cheering. i looked up and started to cheer to. THat got us about 2 more points. After that the other team had the ball. One girl on the other team she shot the ball but missed. She grabbed the rebound and tried to put it back up and  missed again. I got the rebound and dribbled the ball down i shot and i scored!! 2 more point for the Onekama team. Go Portagers!!!!!!!! We ended up losing the game though but we  had a hard play that night. We  shall get our victory back!!!!  ~Cora

Last Saturday we had a game against Frankfort then against Suttons Bay. We played in Frankfort. First we played Frankfort then we played Suttons bay after. We lost 26 to 17 when we played Frankfort and i'm not sure what the score was against Suttons Bay but I know that they won. Coach Zelinski only put me out three time within the two games that we played so I ran a lot. I was guarding number 3 on the frankfort team and number 11 on the suttons bay team. Even though we lost I still had a lot of fun and am excited for our next game on saturday. ~Jayla
  On are Last basketball game we were versing Frankfort and Sutton bay we lost to Frankfort they had 26 and we had 17 .Even though we lost I had a lot of fun. I don't remember  the  score for Sutton bay but the they were good . It was very hard to make a shot because most of the girls were taller than us. On the last round the girls were aggressive for some reason anyway it was still a good and fun game. After the game we all lined up to high five the other team looking at the team like that made it look like there team was big .I thought the game was fun .    ~Janet