5th Grade Boys Basketball 2018

 DatePlace Games start time listed
Jan.13at Onekama
5th grade Onekama vs Glen Lake Gold  Game Photos
5th grade Onekama vs Buckley   

also playing..6th grade-  Onekama wins over St. Elizabeth White  
also playing..6th grade-  Onekama loses to St. Elizabeth Blue

at Mesick
5th grade  9:45  Onekama vs Glen Lake Black 
5th grade 10:35 Onekama vs Frankfort    Player Comments

also playing...6th grade  9:00  Onekama vs Mesick (court 1)
also playing...6th grade  9:45  Onekama vs Frankfort Gold (court 1)
at Frankfort
5th grade 9:00 vs. St Elizabeth Seton White 
5th grade 9:45 vs. St Elizabeth Seton Blue 

also playing...6th grade 10:35 vs. Glen Lake (court 1)
also playing...6th grade 12:05 vs. Frankfort Purple (court 1)
Feb. 35th at St Eliz Seton
(6th at Benzie)
5th grade 10:45 vs. St. Elizabeth Blue     Player Comments
5th grade 11:35 vs. Lake Ann 
Feb. 10 at Onekama
5th grade vs. Suttons Bay at 9:00    Game Photos 
5th grade va Buckley at 10:35 
5th at Mesick
(6th atBuckley)
5th vs Crystal Lake at 9:00 (court 2)
5th vs St. Elizabeth Whiteat 9:45 (court 2)

The complete six week schedule is linked below. If you take a few photos of the games and would like to share them with this web site, send them to mbergren@manistee.org OR beldridg@manistee.org