3rd-4th boys

 DatePlaceGrade 3 in Court 1Grade 3 & 4 in Court 2Grade 4 in Court 3
Nov. 4
Manistee Cancelled due to the playoff game.

Nov.11 2017


 9:00 Onekama vs Suttons Bay
 9:45 Suttons Bay vs Glen Lake Black
10:30 Glen Lake Gold vs Onekama
11:15 Glen Lake Black vs Buckley
12:00 Frankfort vs Glen Lake Gold

  9:45 Glen Lake vs Onekama
   Blue 4th

10:30 Onekama Blue 4th vs
  Frankfort Game Photos 

11:15 Manistee vs Glen Lake 
12:00 Lake Ann (3rd) vs Crystal Lake (3rd)
12:45 Crystal Lake (3rd) vs Frankfort (3rd) 

9:00 Crystal Lake vs Suttons Bay
9:45 Suttons Bay vs Buckley
10:30 Onekama Gold vs Crystal Lake
11:15 Buckley vs Lake Ann
12:00 Frankfort vs Onekama Gold
12:45 Lake Ann vs Manistee




 9:00 Buckley vs Frankfort
 9:45 Frankfort vs Lake Ann
10:30 Suttons Bay vs Buckley
11:15 Lake Ann vs Onekama 
12:00 Glen Lake Gold vs Suttons Bay
12:45 Onekama vs Crystal Lake

9:45 Lake Ann vs Onekama Gold
10:30 Manistee vs Onekama Blue 4th 4th
11:15 Onekama Blue 4th vs Lake Ann

Onekama Blue Game Photos  
9:00 Suttons Bay vs Frankfort
9:45 Frankfort vs Buckley
10:30 Glen Lake vs Suttons Bay
11:15 Buckley vs Crystal Lake
12:00 Onekama Gold 4th vs Glen Lake

Dec. 2


 Onekama 3rd Enjoy
 Practice with the Varsity

Onekama 3rd Pose for
Fun Basketball Photos 

Frankfort (3rd) vs
Onekama Game Photos 

Onekama (3rd) vs Glen Lake Black  
Game Photos  
Onekama Gold vs Manistee  Gold Game Photos 

Onekama Blue vs Onekama Gold    Game Photos 

Frankfort vs Onekama Blue