Onekama Students & Hoop Shoot 2015

Onekama Students Place in Elks’ Hoop Shoot

Five Onekama students placed in the annual Elks’ Hoop Shoot competition held on December 19 in Manistee.  The Hoop Shoot is a free throw event for children ages 8-13.  Pictured left to right are Sawyer Christensen 
(3rd place, 10/11 year old boys), Caden Bradford, (3rd place 8/9 year old boys), Brian McCarthy (3rd place, 12/13 year old boys), Heather Zielinski (2nd place, 8/9 year old girls), and Madison Gutowski (1st place, 10/11 year old girls).
Brian McCarthy, Elks local winner, 12-13 boys

Madison Gutowski and Sawyer Christensen Local Winners of Elks Hoop Shoot

MANISTEE — Children ages 8 to 14 were invited to participate in the Knights of Columbus Manistee Council No. 853 annual free throw championship on Sunday January 17th.
About 16 braved the snow, wind and cold to take part in the event at Manistee Catholic Central.
That group was narrowed down to nine district winners who will move on the regional competition. The district winners are: Kaylyn Johnson, of Manistee, Hanna Hughes, of Onekama, Sara Bromley, of Onekama, and Madison Gutowski, of Onekama, in the girls division; and Mason Gunnett, of Manistee, Michael King, of Bear Lake, Jacob Riggs, of Brethren, Nathan King, of Bear Lake, and Kenny King of Bear Lake, in the boys division.
The regional contest is slated for registration at 1:30 p.m. with the competition starting at 2 p.m. on March 6 at Grayling Middle School in Grayling.

Photos on this page provided by Mary Bergren, 
Ashley Bradford, Jennifer Bromley and Tracy Bennett.
Caden and Heather won at the Elks Home Hoop Shoot

The above Onekama students entered and won the Knights of Columbus Hoop Shoot Competition in January 17, 2016: Sara Bromley age 12, Madison Gutowski - age 11, Hanna Hughes - age 13.  They will move on to the regional contest in Grayling March 6th.