Portagers Play Lakers at Onekama

Our last three weekends have been really fun. Our coach said that we did really well to. We all are really
enjoying basketball. This year is really fun and challenging because we are playing sixth grade basketball but 
we are only in fifth grade. So it makes it really fun cause that means when we get older we know we can 
handle some of the teams. That's what makes this season really fun.    ~Adam

Basketball games were hard since a lot of us are in 5th grade but it was still fun at the games. The game that was the hardest was Big Rapids Crossroads and  Bear Lake lakers. Everyone we played was good and not playing dirty so we did the same thing. I hope we win some more games this weekend because it is our last games. ~Sawyer

The season was so good we versed Brethren, MCC, MCE, and Bear lake! Bear lake was the hardest team to play because they were really good. My whole team was really good too, but I think that we need to work on defense. We also need to work on offense to! I wish that I can play basketball again next year! ~Nicholas

On Saturday the boys basketball team had 3 games. The first game we went against Bear Lake and unfortunately 
we lost but it's ok. Then we waited for 2 games and after that we played Baldwin. They were tough too just like 
Bear Lake. After we played Baldwin we waited again for 1 game and after that we played MCE. 
This season we are 2-5. We won against Crossroads and Brethren. I loved this season a lot 
and want to play all my school years. ~Laketon

It was kind of scary playing basketball because we
 had to play a bigger team so I didn't want to play but my freinds insisted I should so I did. The games were bad. we lost all but two. So we have not been very lucky. ~Nathan

Note: The 6th Grade Portagers lost to the Lakers at 
Onekama 10-29.  Dante scored 4 points. Sawyer, Nate and Laketon each contributed 2--I think.