Safe Sitters


Students learned the correct technique for diapering an infant in the Safe Sitters course.

 On Saturday, March 22, in the school media center, Onekama Consolidated Schools hosted a Safe Sitter training for middle school students. The training was conducted by Lisa Morley who is a certified Safe Sitter instructor and who has been training area youth for ore than 15 years.

Safe Sitter is a course designed to teach safe and nurturing babysitting skills to young adolescents. Instruction included how to deal with first aid problems, medical emergencies, and how to rescue a choking child. Safe Sitter also teaches organizational skills, safety habits and the importance of knowing when to call for help.

“Safe Sitters gain skills in responsibility, planning and decision making,” explained Morley. “It was a privilege to spend the day with this group of students. They were focused, energetic and polite. They are a great group of kids, and they now have the knowledge and skills to be prepared and qualified sitters.”


 Participants recognized the value of their training. “Everything I learned will be helpful to me when I babysit,” said Onekama sixth grader Eleanor Scarlata. “Whatever happens, I will know what to do.”

Added seventh grader Katelyn McGrady: “The course was educational and fun. I now know how to manage situations when a child is in trouble.”

The eight hour training concluded with a graduation ceremony for parents, during which the trainees had the opportunity to demonstrate for their parents the various skills they had acquired during the training. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Morley introduced the graduates as “Manistee County’s newest small business owners.”

Eleanor Scarlata practices infant CPR.

Hanna Hughes demonstrates the correct application of 
the Heimlich Maneuver on Alli Torrey

Though the topic was serious, Mrs Morley made the 
day fast paced and fun for students.

Colleen McCarthy, Kylie Gramza, and Sydnee Hrachovina
 act out a phone call to parents and rehearse the 
proper questions to ask.

Emma Niederstadt receives her certificate from Lisa Morley at the graduation ceremony for the Safe Sitter training.

Katelyn McGrady and Sydnee Hrachovina study 
their Safe Sitter manual.

Mrs. Morley works with future sitters during the training.

Graduates: (Back Row) Eleanor Scarlata, Alliyiah Torrey, Katelyn McGrady, Sydnee Hrachovina, Colleen McCarthy 
 (Front Row) Emma Niederstadt, Hanna Hughes, Ella Acton, Kylie Gramza

Hanna Hughes and Kylie Gramza administer CPR on mannequins.