Clay Boxes Created in Middle School Art Class

  Clay Boxes
Although I wasn't here  to make an out line of my box. I have the biggest box in both length and width. It came out really awesome. The outside of the box is black, white, gray, and a little jet blue. ~Kevin

 My favorite part of making the boxes was glazing them. You need 3 coats or more of glaze. If your using under glaze you need 3 coats or more of under glaze and 3 or more coats of clear coat. Glazing is a lot like painting. You can do many different designs.  There are many different of glaze. My box has more than 6 colors on it. My box also has feet, eyes, and a mustache. That's my favorite part of making the clay boxes. ~Kolin    In middle school art class we made clay boxes. First, we made paper templates to determine the size of our box. Second, we used the slab roller to make our walls then we cut them. After that we put them together using score and slip. Lastly, we glazed them and fired them in the kiln. My box turned out great.

        To build a clay box, you might want to start with a paper template. Then, you can put it in the slab roller. (You might want a lot of clay!) Build your sides and top, than cut the lid like a Jack-O-Lantern. Put it in the kiln, than wait. (Don't forget the temperature is 1850 farenhight!) After that, You can glaze. Put it back in the kiln and wait. Take it out and you have your clay box!!! ~Maggie

First we got the clay cut and ready. Then we flattened it out. We then cut the pieces.
We put the sides and bottom/top together. We then put them in the kiln. then we glazed them.

First we had to get clay.Then we had to roll it out to make slabs.Then we made paper templates and cut out our sides.Then we scored and slipped them and put the sides together.Then we put them into the kiln.Then we glazed them.

 When making clay boxes, the first step is to make a paper template that has your preferred measurements. Then, you get some clay and put it into the the slab roller. Don't forget to keep you fingers out of the way, or you will end up with broken fingers. Then you cut the sides, bottom, and lid. You keep them together using score and slip, then have to cut the lid from the box, and yep, then you glaze. From this experience, I've learned that it's a very bad idea to run around with dental tools. I've also learned that sometimes, it is a good idea to glaze things twice, or your projects color will have the consistency of snot. ~Amanda    My favorite part about making the clay boxes was glazing. When you glaze you get to choose the color that you want to make your box. You get to choose as many colors as you want. There are two different kinds of glazes; there is under glaze and normal glaze. Under glaze is where you use it and then have to put clear coat. Normal glaze is when you just put it on and you are done. But for both you have to have at least three coats of it. With the under glaze you have to have three coats of the clear coat. ~Ella

It was a long process to make a clay box, but first we had to make a paper templates, which is to see how big or small your box is gonna be.Then we got clay and we rolled out slabs and cut them the size of our paper template sides.Next to make the sides stay we had to do something called score and slip.Then we had to put them in the kiln,when they got out we painted them with a special paint and when that dried we put another kind of paint on there to make it shine which is called glaze when we put about three coats of it on then when it dries we put it in the kiln again and when its done you take it out and see how it looks then to get it home safely you wrap it up in newspaper and then your good to go. ~Cassidy

There were many steps to making the clay boxes. One of the steps to making the clay boxes was that we had to do was make a paper model in order to make the accusal clay version. The best part of making the clay boxes was glazing them. The cross on the top of my box was supposed to be red, but you know, things happen. ~Sara

Hi, this year I made a clay box by doing the following steps. first Ms. Woolman had the class and I had to make paper templates as a design to measure how big the box would be. The second step was when we all all got to use the slab roller in order to thin out the clay to make the sides of the box and all the walls for it. Third we all had to score 'n' slip the edges of the box and stick all of the walls together, we then cut out the top of the box st that we had a lid. if you want you know designs or handles, ect. you should put all that on before the following step. After that we then fired all of the boxes. Fifth we had to paint or under glaze the boxes. After we under glazed and painted our boxes, we had to completely glaze the boxes with clear glaze. Finally we then fired the boxes when we were done with the final project making this the second time using the kiln. ~Jennifer
There was a long process to make a clay box. First you have to get a big ball of clay then pound it down with your fists. Then you can either use the slab roller or rolling pin. I used a rolling pin. Then we would cut out the size sides that our box would be. Then she (Ms Woolman) would have to kiln them. Once they were hardened we have to glaze them. I used under glaze,we have to put three coats of clear. Then kiln it again! After that you finally have your finished clay box! ~Kylie

In art class i made a clay box first it was out of paper to make sure it fit together then made it out of clay i did a bad job. then  we cut the top and then we fired it. after that we glazed it i did a bad job at that too then cassidys handle fell off and she was sad then her foot fell off and she almost cried and i laughed and that was art. ~Chloe

The first thing that we did was to make a paper template. When I put the clay together from my paper template, the top started to collapse. After it came out of the kiln, there were cracks and bumps in and outside of the box. I figured out that I am not very good at making and painting clay boxes. But it did have feet so it made it taller. All I know that I won't be a clay artist when I grow up. ~Nicholas

My favorite projects in art class are always clay projects. This year my project turned out pretty well. My box had a purple and blue bottom with and purple and blue top. On the sides of the top it had stripes and on the side of the box it had my name. I really enjoy art class. ~Elizabeth

    First, we cut out paper to size up the box. We then cut out slabs and forced them together in a cube shape. We used wet, thin clay as glue to make them stick together. We cut off tops, and then fired them up in a kiln, when they came out, we glazed them, mine is pitch black, and I think it deserves a B-A.  ~Nolan