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            I had a very good time in Chicago! We did so many cool things there. One of which was seeing a short film in 4D at the Shedd Aquarium. It was amazing! There were times when the audience’s seats would rumble and shake while huge objects moved on the screen, water would splash on your face, we even experienced bubbles floating through the air during underwater scenes. One of the coolest features though was when one of the animals attacked another on the screen and as soon as it had bitten the animal you would feel a sharp poke in your back. It was scary, I even screamed!

            My favorite part of the trip was when we visited the Shedd Aquarium. It was definitely cool to see all of the beautiful and unique looking fish. I remember seeing this one fish who had big eyes and looked as if he were smiling at me. It was adorable! I also had a surprisingly good time on the bus. I’m not saying it was my favorite part of the trip, but the seats were comfortable and they even played movies to keep us entertained. So it wasn’t too bad.

            I think one of the things I will never forget from our trip was an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. It had an old submarine that was once used to attack American crate ships that were traveling to and from Great Britain. Our guide told us about how eventually the U.S. started taking action by surrounding the crate ships with U-boats which would attack any nearby European submarines. The submarine was one of only four left in the world and the only one stored in America. The submarine was big too! I had a great time throughout the whole trip. It was a wonderful experience for me!

~Emily Beeman

Our class trip to Chicago was so much fun. My favorite part of the trip was shopping on Michigan Avenue. I liked this most because I like shopping and the mall was so big. The mall had seven floors and about ten to fifteen stores on each floor. That is so much more than the one we have in Traverse City. Also we had about three hours to explore it, so we got to see everything.

      The bus ride was really fun even though all of us were practically asleep. On the bus we watched Pitch Perfect, Frozen, and Ice Age. I didn't really fall asleep probably because I was excited to be going to Chicago. Also on the bus I brought four bags of Beef Jerky and two Brisk's. By the time we got to Chicago, all my food and drinks were gone. I was actually really surprised that the bus was really fun.

           The most memorable thing about the whole trip would probably be the bean. I think this because I see it in tons of movies and now I got to see it with my own eyes. It's really not too exciting but it's cool. I never thought the Bean would be that big. On the inside/under the Bean, it reminded me of a calidascope. Also I never knew you could go under the Bean. I thought it was small so we wouldn't fit, but it wasn't. I'm pretty sure we got enough selfies at the Bean.

-Sydnee Maxey


On the first day of May we left for Chicago. All the work our class did paid off. We got a Coach bus to go there. I sat by myself so I could sleep because we had to be at the school at 4:30 a.m. The bus had TV’s so we watched a few movies. Everybody was really quiet on the way there but louder coming back.

            My favorite part was Shedd’s aquarium. We went to a 4-D movie and we got to look at all the exhibits. The 4-D movie was like a 3-D movie but with real life effects. In the exhibits there were sea turtles, dolphins, beluga whales, jellyfish, starfish, and much more. There were spots where you could touch the sturgeon and the starfish. The aquarium also had animals like monkeys, snakes, and frogs. There was a variety of creatures not just aquatic.

           When we arrived at the hotel we could go swimming. My friends and I swam for about an hour then we all went back to our rooms. By the time I got back to our room I was exhausted. We all fell asleep pretty early. In the morning the hotel had breakfast prepared for us. My class and I had a great time in Chicago.

 -Emilee McPherson

    Last Thursday the eighth grade class went to Chicago. My favorite part was going to Shedd Aquarium. I liked it because it was really fun to see all the fish and animals. My group walked all around and saw just about everything. After a long time looking we went to the Starbucks in the aquarium. Then after about an hour we all ended our visit with a 4D movie about prehistoric sea monsters. It was really cool.

    The bus was really fun also, probably my second favorite part! It was pretty quiet the whole time because everyone was half asleep. On the bus we watched Pitch Perfect, Frozen, Ice Age, and Catching Fire. I didn't get any sleep on the bus at all because of the movies, but really I didn't mind. Most of the time I talked to my friends or watched the movies. I switched seats a couple times, it was really fun.

    The most memorable moment was probably the Bean. I have heard about it before and seen it in pictures, but it was way cooler in person. When we first walked up to it we could just see our reflections like in a mirror. Then we walked under it and it was like thousands of reflections above us! It almost made me dizzy. My friends and I laid under it and looked at our many reflections. It was very cool and interesting. 

 -Sophie Somerville

On my 8th grade class trip we went to Chicago. We had to be at the school by 4:30am. The bus ride was very long. I just tried to sleep. Elizabeth, Zoe, and I had seats that faced each other with a table between. That made it a lot more comfortable. Also there were tv screens and we watched a couple movies.

My favorite part of our trip was the Shedd Aquarium. There were lots of cool fish and other things. They had a huge Boa Constrictor that was as wide as a barrel. I really liked the penguins. Jaylen, Madison, Emilee, and I dressed up as penguins and played on the slides. They had dolphins too, but I wish we could have swam with them. My favorite was the Sea Lion, but I kinda felt bad for it because it was in a really small area.

            My most memorable moment was when our light went out. McKenzie, Zoe, Elizabeth, and I shared a room at the hotel. McKenzie asked me to unplug her charger. When I unplugged it all the lights went out and there were some sparks. We then decided to call Mrs. Torrey and she had someone come fix it.

One other place we went was the Museum of Science and Industry. We had a good time there too.


-Faith Corey