Our 8th grade class trip to Chicago was May 1st and 2nd. We went to several places while we were there. Our first stop was the Museum of Science and Industry, that was my favorite. In my day group was McKenzie, Jeremiah, Zoe, and Mrs. Torrey. While we were at the museum we went on a flight simulator. In the flight simulator there were two seats. The pilot and the co-pilot, Jeremiah was the pilot and I was the co-pilot. We ended up being up-side-down for a while. 

       My most memorable part was probably when we blew a circuit  in our hotel room. We had plugged in our phone chargers and one came unplugged. So Faith plugged it back into the outlet. Then it sparked, the lights flickered, and out went the lights. We ran down the hall to see if anybody else had lights, and they all did so we called Mrs. Torrey. She came down to our room and called the front desk and asked if they could send somebody up. We got our lights back and that was about it. 

       The bus ride didn't seem nearly as long as it could have been. We watched a lot of movies and ate a lot of food. I slept most of the way there and back. Our bus was a tour bus so it had seats that were comfy but not extremely comfy. On our way back everyone was very tired so we all slept. On the way home McKenzie put a blanket on the floor and slept while I slept on the seats. 

       That's what I thought about our class trip. It was very fun but if we could go again I would go somewhere else. 

 -Elizabeth Domres

The Museum of Science and Industry was my favorite part of the trip. It was my favorite part because there were a lot of things you could do. You could do hands on activities too! I thought that was really cool because most museums don't let you touch anything. There was even a giant human heart on the wall and when you touched the handlebars it would beat as if it was your own heart. I thought that was really cool!

The hotel and bus were fun. The hotel was very nice inside and it was fun to go swimming. The bus was also nice but I wish the ride was shorter. Both the hotel and bus had huge windows down the wall, or side of the bus. Also the hotel had really good food. I think that the hotel and bus were both really neat.

The most memorable moment part of the trip was probably again the Museum of Science and Industry. I think this was the most memorable because I had a lot of fun there. There was even a Starbucks! There was so much stuff you've never even seen before and it would be hard to forget. My friends and I even did a photo booth there too! That was my most memorable part and I hope to go there again!

 -Carlee Pepera

This year our class went to Chicago for our 8th grade class trip. Personally I really enjoyed our trip there. That wasn’t the first time I have been to Chicago though. Last year I went with my family and some friends. This time though, we went to a couple of different places than the last. I think one of my favorite parts was the Ghirardelli store. At the store we finally got to get some ice cream! I had been waiting all trip for ice cream and I was so happy to finally get some. What made it even better was that it was my favorite kind too, mint chocolate chip.I know that’s kinda funny, but that was one of my favorite parts of our trip to Chicago.

            I also really liked the hotel!  It was a lot of fun to hangout with my friends all night. Even though we knew we had to get up early, we stayed up until three in the morning. Jayden brought his Playstation and we played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for a pretty long time. You know, come to think of it, I think the hotel was probably my favorite part and the ice cream was second. The swimming part of the hotel was pretty fun too. It felt good to swim after our long winter! I wish we could go back and do it all again.

            Last but not least, my most memorable part about the trip. I think the part I will always remember is being paired in a group with three girls. I’m not complaining I’m just saying that I didn’t expect it. It was more fun than I thought too. Plus I have know all three of the girls it seems like my whole life. I think that is what made it most memorable for me.

 -Jeremiah Torrey

    On May 1st and the 2nd, my 8th grade class went to Chicago for our class trip. We had many different locations that we traveled to. We had a schedule that work very well for traffic. The first stop was the museum of science and industry. There was a lot of hands on stuff you could do. My favorite was the flying simulator. Jackson and I went in it together. I flew the jet while Jackson was the Gunner. I did a lot of barrel rolls but we managed to get four enemy jets. When we were done we were dizzy. We didn't have much time left so we got ready to leave. 

       The next stop was my favorite. It was the Shedd's Aquarium. I have never seen an aquarium before so I was really excited. I knew it was big hut once I steeped inside, I was amazed. There were so many different types of fish, mammals, and reptiles. My favorite were the dolphins. They didn't have the normal color of blue, but instead they were white with black blotches all over. There was sometimes that they would jump out of the water. After this, my class watched a 4D movie about se monsters. It sprayed water on you and also punched you in the back with a little knob. Out of all stops the aquarium was the best.

         The bus rides were fun, but they did end up to get a little boring after a while. On the ride up, we watched a lot of movies. No one talked, and the people that weren't watching the movies were sleeping. No one was fully awake until the guide turned on the speaker and said, " good morning!" The ride down was better, because we tried to get semi trucks to honk at us. We ended up getting seven hunks, two waves, and one shhhh. Some of the parents even joined in. We got home at 8:30pm, and as soon as my mom and I found each other, we almost ran to the car. 

       The trip was a lot of fun, and I know that I will remember it forever.
 -James Eno

On May first and second the eighth grade class went to Chicago. We went to places like the Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Ginos East, Magnificent Mile, and Navy Pier. We had a lot of fun at every place we went to. I liked some places more than others. Overall everywhere we went was pretty fun. 

In the morning we had to be at the school by 4:30. It was really hard to get up but I was sure we would sleep on the bus. I was wrong, the most I slept on the bus was maybe ten minutes! The closer we got the more excited everyone was getting. So, it was really hard to go to sleep when so many people were awake now. Finally, we were in Chicago!

The first place we went to was the Museum of Science and Industry. The museum was huge! After we were there for a few hours we went to Shedd Aquarium which was also really big and has a lot of different things. For dinner we went to Gino's East for pizza amd it was very filling. When we finally got to the hotel and everyone got settled in we went swimming. The hotel was pretty nice too. 

My favorite part of the trip was Shedd Aquarium. I really liked the sea lions and the beluga whales. My most memorable moment from Chicago was probably when Faith, Emilee, Madison, and I dressed like penguins and slid down a slide on our stomachsand crawled through tubes and stuff. We were laughing the whole time! Chicago was really fun and im glad we got to go as a class. I hope we can all go somewhere together again!

 -Jaylen Bronson

My 8th grade class went to Chicago. My favorite part is the Museum of Science and Industry. I liked it because i like things about science. The science and industry had a lot of really cool things in it there was a wind tornado that you could go in. There were lots of cool things in the museum we were in. When we were in the science part of the museum there was this big sand thing that had all different types of colors in it and they mixed together.

 I liked the hotel better than the bus. It was hard to fall asleep on the bus because people were talking. The hotel had a swimming pool and we all went swimming. The group I had for the trip was Mrs.K, me ,Maci, Alexis, and Bella. We had two beds in our rooms and lots of space. We had to wake up at six and if we weren't awake they would send awake up call for us. When we go to bed they put tap on our doors for if we walk out our room past bed time they will know. 

My most memorable moment would have to be when we were shopping because we all had so much fun. We went to H and M and American water fall. The American water fall is a mall that has 7 floors in it. It's. a really cool mall and it has lots of cool stores in it. Maci.max.alexis all went on the worlds fastest elevator. While me and Mrs.K went to go get cake because i don't like high places. When we were heading back to onekama we stopped to get food and i got Taco Bell. On the bus we got to watch movies, we watched the hunger games and more. I had a lot of fun in Chicago.

-Ashton Helminiak

  My eighth grade class went on a trip to Chicago! I had so much fun. My favorite part there was looking at all the different kinds of fish! They had fresh and salt water fish there. There was fish that I catch in the tanks! I thought that was really cool. My favorite fish to look at was the Pompano. They are about the size of a bass or walleye. My dad and I caught them in Florida they were so cool to look at!

          I think the bus ride was fun. On the way down there it felt like a long time. We watched two movies. The first one we watch was Pitch Perfect. That was a funny movie. Then we got a little more than half way on Frozen. I didn't fall asleep on the way down like I thought I would, but I did on the way back. The way back felt a lot shorter than on the way there. We finished Frozen and then watched the Hunger Games. 

          I thing the one think I won't forget would be the fight simulator! That was the best thing there! We were able to go into a little plan an fly it and shoot other air crafts. Me and Jayden went into one together, he was the pilot and I was the shooter. I thought you could control the gun but you couldn't. When we got in the air it was so cool because the air craft would rotate if we turned. We went upside down and it felt sweet. All we did was do circles almost the hole time. I will never forget that flight simulator. 

-Jacob Mauntler


Photos on this slide show were taken by Kristina Mauntler, 
Nikki Torrey, and Naomi Kolehmainen.