8th Grade Class Trip to Chicago

This year the class of 2018 went on the eighth grade class trip. It was very fun! I've been to Chicago before, but this was much better! We went to many different places. One of the places that we went to was the Magnificent Mile. That was my favorite place that we went. 

The Magnificent Mile is a place that has all different types of stores. My mom, Bella, and I all went in a seven story mall. It was completely awesome! There were escalators and elevators in it. We went to a whole bunch of different stores. One of those stores being Hollister. Another store that we went to was American Eagle. It was my favorite part because I personally love shopping. The mall was really big! It was neat because that's the city for you.

At the hotel when we woke up we got to eat breakfast. I was the first person up in my room. Carlee was next. Then Emily and Sydnee woke up. Mrs.Torrey kind of woke Sydnee and Emily up the rest of the way. The most memorable moment for me was the Bean. I've seen it before in movies, but not in person. Now I can say that I have. It is bigger than I thought it would be. The inside of it on the top of it is a kaleidoscope. At least that's what it looked like. I am really glad that I got to go on this trip!

-Hobi Harju 


      In early May of 2014 our 8th grade class went to Chicago. Everybody in our class had a blast! My favorite part was the shopping part. We went to Nike, H&M, and two chocolate shops. The smell at the shops were unbelievable. I liked ghirardelli better because they gave out samples. Another part I liked was the Science and Industry museum. Their were a lot of cool things to see and do. My favorite part was the Flight Simulator. Zoe and I got to drive our own airplane. We went upside down and all around. 

       On our way down their we took a big luxury bus. We had TVs and cushiony seats. We watched a total of six movies. My favorite movies were Pitch Perfect and Disney's Frozen. On the way their I sat next to Jaylen, on the way back I was with Elizabeth. We stayed the night at a hotel. Their was a pool that we swam in, we got some noise complaints though. 

       My most memorable moment was when Zoe and I rode the Flight Simulator. We laughed so hard, our faces were probably as red as a stop sign. I would do the ride again in a heartbeat. I was the pilot and she was the gunner. We sadly only shot one plane during our ride. Although it was fun! That is all about our class trip to Chicago. 

 -McKenzie Bradford

During our trip to Chicago we did many cool things! My favorite by far was the Magnificent Mile. The Magnificent Mile had so many cool stores and places to eat! We went to Ghirardelli’s.  We got free chocolate when we entered and it was delicious, I also ordered a sundae called the Nob Hob Chill and it was delicious!!! The mile had a Nike outlet store and it had three floors. The nike outlet store was one of my other favorites too. Those were my favorite things in Chicago.

     The hotel we stayed at was nothing special. Just the Marriott three story hotel. The pool was nice and warm but the hot tub was blocked off! We played chicken and sharks and minnows in the pool until about 10:00. The rooms were nice we played garbage basketball, built forts and let our inner child out.  The bus was sooooo comfortable, very roomy and had comfortable seats. 

     The most memorable moment was definitely the Museum of Science and Industry. Stopping the tornado was pretty cool and so was the flight simulator. In all though just about everything was a memorable moment. But the museum was definitely my second favorite thing other than the magnificent mile. I also liked Shedds aquarium a lot too! All the animals were cool and weird. In all the trip was awesome and I would definitely go again.

-Jayden DeWitt

     The class trip to Chicago was great. I had lots of fun, the bus ride there was really fun too. We got to watch movies and see some cool stuff on the way there. I saw a huge oil rig thing and a ball park at first but then I saw bigger buildings and more houses and then when we got in Chicago i saw all of these really big buildings and museums but when we got to the science museum i saw these big statues and when we got inside there was lots of old things like cars and model boats. It was fun but the food was good there too, like i had a sandwich that was stacked with stuff and when you go to the change machine the only thing you get back is gold dollars.

     When we got to the hotel i was really excited to go swimming, and the pool was really cool too. We all had a jumping contest and we played shark and minnow or whatever, it was really fun though. the rooms were nice, i saw people come up from the lobby with pop so i went down and found out i could get pop, so i did and i went back to the room and stayed up all night.

     My most memorible moment is when i went on top of the John hanncock building with Alexis and saw all of Chicago. When you go up the elivator your ears pop like 5 times and they feel like they are filling up with water. I could see all of Chicago like it was so high I've never been that high in my life, except for the time i went to Michigans Adventure and rode the thunder hawk. But anyways the trip was the best experience of my life, and my first visit out of state.

 -Max Hoffmeyer


      That was the best trip I ever took with a class and it was so much fun. My favorite part of the whole trip was the museum of science and industry. It was my favorite because it was cool to see a lot of new things and getting to able to investigate how they work. My favorite part was that tube thing and you would go inside it see how hard the wind blows. It was cool that Mrs. K bought me and Alexis a Starbucks cappuccino coffee. It made me really hyper rand excited.  I also thought the cheeseburger I ate was really delicious.

       The bus ride was really cool. It was cool because you would drive around town to get to our destination. It was cool how you were riding the bus and you could see all the really tall buildings. It was funny how some of the kids were trying to get the trucks to honk there horns. I liked all the movies we watched. On the way there I could not sleep because I was so excited to go to Chicago. The hotel was so much fun because hanging out with my room mates was so much run. The pool was so much fun and it wasn't that cold. I liked playing the games with everybody. In our room we had a lot of snacks and we watched scary movies before we went to bed.  

       My most memorable moment was the shed aquarium because I liked to see all the sea animals. I liked to see the monkeys because I never saw one before. I thought the anaconda was really big. I also liked watching the sea monsters movie. It was really cool because you could see the things pop out at you. I also liked how water would squirt you from the front.

     Thank you so much for taking us to Chicago. I had a lot of fun hanging out with all my friends. :)

-Maci Avalos

     On may first through may second our eighth grade class went to Chicago. Everyone had a blast when we got to Chicago. If i was going to pick my favorite part I would say that it was shed aquarium. I liked shed aquarium because we seen animals and fish that we don't have in Michigan so they were really cool. I also liked the museum of science and industry because they had a lot of things that you could just walk up to and mess with. I really think that I would have liked the navy pier but it was under construction and it was raining so it wasn't fun.

         After our first day of being in Chicago we went and checked into our hotel. I really liked our hotel because it had a pool and the rooms were really nice. And our rooms had tv's and they were pretty nice also. I really liked the bus that we went to Chicago in because it had tv's and the windows were really big and the chairs were nice. But one thing that i didn't like about the bus is that the seats were really uncomfortable and I had a really hard time trying to sleep in them. And it was nice that we had the tv's so we watched movies on the way to Chicago and the way back from Chicago.

       My most memorable part of Chicago was the museum of science and industry. I had a hard time trying to pick my favorite place but i picked the Museum of Science and Industry. For a couple of reasons mainly because I wasn't as bored because of all of the things to look at. I was kinda disappointed in Gino's east because the pizza crust was really hard. I really liked Ghiridelli chocolate store but a lot of there stuff was very expensive. I really loved magnificent mile because of all of the stores right there so you don't need to drive all over and that is when we went to Chicago.

 -Jared Schultz

     This year I went on a class trip. We went to Chicago. My favorite part was going to the Nike Store, it was really big. There was four levels in the store. I liked going there because I needed more running clothes, and Nike is my favorite brand. It made it more fun to be there, because I was with my friends. 

     I had a lot of fun on my trip, but I have a most memorable part. In the hotel room I was with Elizabeth , McKenzie, and Faith. McKenzie asked Faith to unplug her wall charger. That is when the power went out. Faith blew a circuit in our room. It was pitch black and we were scared, so we called Mrs. Torrey. Then a guy came to our room and turned the power back on. We laughed really hard.

      The hotel was really fun, but the bus was more fun. At the hotel we went swimming. We all played games in the pool. The bus was very exciting. They had comfy seats. At my seat we had a table. We were the only people on the bus to have a table. I am happy I got to go to Chicago.

 -Zoe Morley 

My favorite part of the Chicago is when we went to the shedd  aquarium.Also the science of industry... But my most favorite part would be the science of industry. Because the science of industry had alot of things. My favorite thing to see in there would be that tornado looking thing. And the translating looking thing when it blows high speed wind on you when your in the tube thing. It was all great but the science one was my favorite part. 

The bus ride was great. The driver told us through the intercom like where we were and what sites we  could  see. And he didnt mess up on driving he was nice. And he kept his eye on the road. It didnt take that long to get there. But it was a long bus ride. It was actaully fun though. 

Hotel- I really enjoyed the stay at the hotel. It had a really fun pool. We all swam and had a fun time. And it was great for all of our class to get together. And just have fun. I liked my group i was put in and my roomates in the hotel room. I was with maci bella and ashton. We all had a great time :) im sure we all had a fun ride stay and time :)) thanks guys.  

-Alexis Solis

The trip to Chicago was fun because the seats were comfortable. On the bus there were tv's. We got to eat and drink what we wanted on the bus. We only stopped once to give people a chance to go to the bathroom. The bus had a big storage under it for bags. The seats had cup holders and arm rests.

       When we got to Chicago we went to the Museum Of Science And Industry. Inside their were cool things like lightning and tornados.A group of Jayden,Dillion,James,and Max were helpers to try to stop the tornado. The lightning went off three times every 30 minutes. We also learned about liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen can help make ice cream!!

       After sleeping in the cosy hotel rooms we went to an aquarium and saw cool fish. We saw octopus,turtles,frogs,and sharks. We even saw a snake that could eat a deer!! We saw dolphins and penguins that could do tricks. I saw an otter that was really cool. There was also a starbucks that sold things for $5 or more.

-Junior Mauntler

My favorite part about the trip to Chicago was the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae. It was fill with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and it was stacked with a big mountain of whip cream. Another favorite part of mine on the trip was the Sheds Aquarium. It had lots of fish and tropical animals and I got to touch a star fish. The star fish was really slimy and felt really wired. I also like the penguins that guarded their pebbles. My favorite part of the penguins is that they slipped off the ledge and then fell into the water.

            I liked the hotel and the bus a lot because we did fun stuff there. The pool at the hotel was fun and I was finally not bigger than the deep end. Then we went to the hotel room and built a fort. Then it collapsed on Jayden, then I laid on it which crushed Jayden. On the bus, we watched movies and slept on the way to Chicago. We also saw some disturbing things that might have came from a Starbucks.

My most memorable part was when we went to the Big Bean. When we went inside the bean, it looked like mirrors mixed together. It was like walking in a house of mirrors that is literally a house of mirrors. Another memorable part is when we went to Gino's to eat pizza. Their pizza was really good and it had the sauce on top of the cheese instead below it. Also the pizza wasn't as big as people had told me.

-Nicholas Falk


The above Slide Show photos are by Sheila Falk