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Onekama students Adam Porter, Benjamin Falk, Ajah Fink, and Jenna Bromley in Lansing for the MACUL conference


Onekama Students Present at MACUL Conference in Lansing


On December 3, a group of Onekama sixth grade students had the opportunity to become teachers, 
sharing their successes in the areas of technology with students and educators from around the state, and learning from the experiences of others.


Students Ben Falk, Ajah Fink, Jenna Bromley, and Adam Porter traveled to Lansing with their teacher Naomi Kolehmainen to be a part of the prestigious MACUL Student Technology Showcase in Lansing.

The conference is sponsored by MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) and made possible by the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant. The conference is designed to provide an avenue for schools to show how technology is used in the classroom.

Each year, Onekama Consolidated Schools sends students and staff to participate in this valuable educational opportunity. The showcase allowed students the opportunity to demonstrate how they are using their new one-to-one technology to support their learning.

Displays by Onekama students in past showcases have ranged from simple to very elaborate uses of technology and have included teams of students from grades one through twelve. This year’s group of sixth graders created their projects in Spanish class using the new MacBook Air laptops that were provided for each student at the beginning of the school year.

The students began their journey in the Spanish classroom this year by learning the alphabet,” says Spanish teacher Kolehmainen, explaining the lessons that led to the presentation


“After much practice with pronunciation they were asked to create a digital book on iMovie. First, students created a list of Spanish words that represented each letter of the alphabet.  Second, they imported photos of those words in to iMovie.  Third, the students recorded themselves saying each letter and word in Spanish.  Lastly, they edited their digital books by exploring themes and audio.”


At the showcase on December 3, the students were able to meet Representative Ray Franz, Senator Darwin Booher, and Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville. The students were also given a special tour of the House and Senate by Representative Franz and Senator Booher.


Students reported that their experience at MACUL was both educational and fun.

“I had a blast at the technology showcase,” said student Jenna Bromley. “Representative 
 Franz invited us to go see the voting room. It was really cool! I also had fun looking at other students’ projects.” 


“There were other kids of all different ages at the conference, from 6 to 19,” added Onekama student Ajah Fink. “There were schools from all over Michigan, and they all seemed so interested with everyone’s projects. It was a great opportunity to teach and learn from others and I hope I can go back to Lansing again next year.”

Students with Representative Ray Franz

Students with Senator Darwin Booher