Getting Close

Learning Target:  What are some strategies for estimating the sums of fractions?

Today, 6th Grade Math played a game called Getting Close. We are starting a new Unit called “Let’s Be Rational.” In this Unit we will be learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. So, to start, we need to be good estimators. How do you make an “educated” guess? Playing the game Getting Close helped us to strengthen our estimating skills.

How to Play:

1.) All players hold 4 cards with the numbers 0, 1, 2, or 3. These cards will be used

     to estimate the sum of two fractions.

2.) Place the game cards (cards with random fractions) facedown in the center of the


3.) Each player will take a turn to select two game cards from the center of the table

     to show all players. Each player will take a moment to silently estimate the sum of

     the two game cards. On the count of three, everyone will show the number card

     they have chosen to represent their estimation for the number closest to the sum

     of the two game cards.

4.) After each player has played a number card, each player calculates the actual

     sum by hand. The player whose number card is closest to the actual sum gets

     the two game cards. NOTE:  If there is a tie, place the game cards back into the

     center of the table.

5.) When all game cards have been used, the player with the most game cards wins.

 Check out our video: 

Photos by Mrs. Warman