Learning at the Vogue Theater

In English class, seventh grade students Anika Martell, Perla Andres, and Breanna Schneider discuss an interview 
with Katherine Goble Johnson, the mathematician who inspired the film.

Vogue Opens Doors for Onekama Schools
Students Attend Special Showing of Hidden Figures

On Thursday, February 9, Onekama Consolidated Schools students in grades 4 to 8 participated in a private showing of the film Hidden Figuresat The Vogue Theatre.


Hidden Figures is based on the inspiring true story of three brilliant African-American women who worked at NASA in the 1950’s and '60s as "human computers" -- making calculations and contributions that helped launch the manned spaceflight program.

“The film also offers a realistic look at the racial tensions of the Civil Rights era,” explained Onekama teacher Bonnie Brown, “and our students learned a lot about these pioneering women and what they had to overcome to make their mark at NASA.”


“Additionally, the women depicted in the film are excellent role models, and their story is full of positive messages and themes, including integrity, perseverance, teamwork, and communication,” added Brown.


Inspired by the film, students continued their learning once back at school. Elementary students, who have been studying space and the phases of the moon in science classes, revisited the ways their school studies intersected with the film. Middle school math students learned the details of Euler’s Method, a mathematical tool used to solve differential equations that is described in a key scene of the film. In English classes, students read an article and interview with Katherine Goble Johnson. In Social Studies classrooms, students participated in a discussion of the Civil Rights movement and the challenges faced by a once-segregated America.


The movie received rave reviews from students as well.


“The movie Hidden Figures was the most inspirational movie that I have seen this year,” said eighth grader Benjamin Falk. “Katherine Johnson made me think that anybody can do anything. She drove past all of the other scientists and mathematicians, even though she was different in color and gender. I really enjoyed this movie.”

   Onekama fifth grade student scientists celebrated the themes and topics examined
 in the film Hidden Figures.

Seventh graders Ashley McGrady and 
Olivia Dopke enjoyed a morning at the 
Vogue during a private screening of the film 
for Onekama students.
 Eighth grade math teacher 
Michele Warman describes Euler’s Method
 to algebra students.