Middle School Math

Coriena Maxey, Adam Porter, Collin Guzikowski
Onekama Middle School Math Teacher Michele Warman 
with Benjamin Falk and John Burtch


Onekama Middle School Adopts New Mathematics Curriculum


In an effort to challenge students, promote inquiry-based instruction, and create problem-centered classrooms, Onekama Middle School has adopted a new math curriculum this school year.


The results of this change were on display in middle school math teacher Michele Warman’s classroom last week, as students worked in cooperative groups through a series of activities designed around the question: What does it mean for two figures to be similar?


“While a traditional approach would involve a teacher presenting the material and then students practicing mastery by solving math problems, the Connected Mathematics Program (CMP3) instead places ownership of the learning in the hands of the students, with the teacher as a support system,” explains Warman.


In one lesson, students made a stretcher by tying two rubber bands together and used it to enlarge two different figures. They then compared how the general shape, line lengths, areas, perimeters, and angles were affected. The goal was to focus students’ attention on the preservation of shape in similar figures.


“The curriculum is designed to help students develop deeper mathematical understanding and reasoning skills,” says Warman. “By challenging them to identify the big ideas and make connections, we are creating opportunities for authentic learning.”


Warman has witnessed a positive reaction by students to the new curriculum.


“It was really interesting doing the scale drawings,” commented Onekama seventh grader Collin Guzikowski. “We were experimenting with shrinking and enlarging shapes and finding out the corresponding sides and angles.”


“It was something different, something new, and something fun,” added student Brian McCarthy.


Concluded Guzikowski: “It was like we were doing work without even knowing it.”

Brian McCarthy

Erin Smith and Jenna Bromley

Sara Bromley with Mrs. Warman

Onekama Middle School
February 2016
7th Grade Math