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The eighth grade class of Onekama School poses for a group photo in Millennium Park.

 Onekama Takes A Bite Out of Chicago

OCS 8th Grade to Chicago on an 'Appetizer Tour'

By Eleanor Scarlata, Student Reporter

Your eyes dart all around, trying to take in every new sight. There’s too much to absorb, but you continue nonetheless. Everything is completely different than what you’ve always known and it’s better than you had expected. Any doubts or worries you had fly out the window. It’s overwhelming, exciting, and exhilarating. It’s seeing a place you’ve never been. In this case, it’s Chicago.

On May fifth and sixth, the Onekama eighth grade class of 2016, or graduating class of 2020, took an “appetizer” tour of Chicago. Throughout middle school, students hosted fundraisers to eventually save enough money to send all eighth grade students on the class trip. The adventure continues to be made every year by the eighth grade class for a fun and inspirational learning experience.

Eleanor Scalata,
Student Reporter

After an early morning and a lengthy bus ride, the class reached their first stop: the Museum of Science and Industry. With perfect timing, they caught a look of the chicks hatching in the genetics department and a tesla coil demonstration in the physics section. One student, Kolin Cook, remarked on the tesla coils, “They shot electricity all around to simulate lightning. It was a fun and colorful way to see it up close.” A large group took an Old Timey Photo with costumes and all, a few took part in a flight simulator, and some started their own tornadoes. Time slipped right between their fingers and they were back on the bus.

The student group next skipped on over to the Shedd Aquarium, where they grabbed a quick lunch and were off to the displays. Student Ian Weaver said, “I thought it was interesting how big the aquarium was.” After some exploration, they had a seat for the aquatic show with Beluga Whales, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, and an up close look at a Sea Lion. One unique experience led to another as the class gathered for a 4D show about “Sea Monsters” or prehistoric sea animals. Only a short time was spent walking around after that before heading back to the bus.

The eighth grade class of Onekama School poses for a group photo in Millennium Park.

Many things were learned and plenty was discovered, but -- most importantly -- the relatively quick tour sparked inspiration in the hearts of the students. One day, these students might go on to become avid travelers or even move to Chicago. The trip was a great, fun-filled way to teach students important lessons that left an unforgettable mark in their minds. What new wonders will next’s years trip bring?

Posing at the Museum of Science & Industry

 Students by Hard Rock Cafe
Girls sight seeing
 On the streets of Chicago