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Onekama Elementary 2020-2021

Staff and emails   
Classroom Event & Photo Page
Kindergarten: Kelly Lyman / Class Page / e-mail
First Grade: Carolyn Bradford  / Class Page / e-mail
Second: Ben Mauntler / Class Page  /  email  
Third: Nick Bradford / Class Page / e-mail 
Fourth: Tracy Bennett/ Class Page / e-mail
Fifth Grade: Bonnie Brown / Class Page /  e-mail
Resource Room: Jennifer Bromley /Class Page / e-mail 
Phy Ed.: John Neph / e-mail
Counselor: Scott McKenney / e-mail
Spanish:  Naomi Kolehmainen / e-mail 
STEM:  Kelly Kelley / e-mail 

Student Services Office
Superintendent's Office: 889-4251
Superintendent Ms. Gina Hagen:  e-mail 
Student Service Office: 889-5521
Secretary: Becky Milarch / e-mail

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Hoop Shoot Winners - 2020

Mary Bergren,
Jul 12, 2020, 7:38 AM