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The “Common Ground” project is a year-long collaboration between the eighth grade class of Onekama School and the eighth grade class of St. Sylvester School in Chicago.


Establishing connections with an urban school provides our students with an opportunity to have meaningful interactions with students from backgrounds different from their own.


In September, each class began by creating a video to describe their communities and schools and what makes them unique. In October, students used a program called FlipGrid to exchange short, individual video responses to teacher-posed prompts. Students were able to view and respond to the videos, and to consider new perspectives.


During the course of the year, we will continue engage in meaningful, shared academic exchanges. Students will read the same texts and share insights with one another through Padlet, FlipGrid, Google Hangouts, WriteAbout, and other digital applications.


Finally, the culmination of the Common Ground project will be meet our new friends face-to-face when we visit Chicago during our class trip in May. Thanks to the generous support of our community and strong fundraising efforts by students, we will be extending our class trip by a day in order to participate in a joint service learning project with the class from St. Sylvester.

This is the video that was created by the Onekama 8th grade class to introduce ourselves to our partner class in Chicago. We will be doing collaborative activities throughout the year with them, building up to meeting face-to-face on our class trip in May!

Check out our video here --  

These are from the 8th grade/Jr High Math teacher at St. Sylvester, and I hope you enjoy my students' creations.

Daily Lives in Chicago:

For Fun in Chicago:

Chicago Neighborhood: