Snowcoming 2014


Onekama High School Celebrates ‘Snowcoming’ Week


Class murals are up on the walls, students are dressed in costume, and the Portager basketball team is in fine form.  It was Snowcoming Week at Onekama Consolidated Schools January 20 through 24, and school spirit is in the air.


This year’s Snowcoming theme was the Winter Olympics. Each of the high school classes were given an Olympic sport to portray: ice hockey for the Freshmen, snowboarding for the Sophomores, bobsledding for the Juniors, and ice skating for the seniors.  Brightly painted wall murals were prepared by each of the high school classes representing these themes. Seniors took home the top prize.


   Activities also included themed dress-up days for all students Kindergarten through twelfth grade. As a result, the halls were filled with students dressed as eskimos, westerners, and of course, decked out in their school colors for Blue-Gold Day.


The Portager basketball players really “went for the Gold” and made their school proud with victories for both Junior Varsity and Varsity for the girls’ and boys’ high school basketball teams. The Snowcoming basketball games were played against Brethren High School.


Snowcoming week ended with a rowdy pep assembly on Friday. Coaches introduced their players, while the cheerleaders prepared games for all students to participate in.


“My favorite part of the week was watching the high school boys put make up on the girls during the pep assembly,” said fifth grader Coriena Maxey. “I really love my school.”