MACUL Showcase

          Representing Onekama High School at the 2014 MACUL Showcase were sophomores Braden Hagen,
          Randy Pienta, Jon Acton, and Caleb Wisniski.

OHS Students Present at MACUL Showcase


On March 13 and 14, a group of Onekama School teachers and students hit the road. Their destination: Grand Rapids. Their goals: to share their successes in the areas of technology with students and educators from around the state, and to learn from the experiences of others.


Students and staff members were selected to attend the annual MACUL technology showcase, hosted by the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning. The conference is designed to provide an avenue for schools to show how technology is used in the classroom.


Each year, Onekama School sends students and staff to participate in this valuable educational opportunity. The showcase allowed students the opportunity to demonstrate how they are using technology to support their learning. Displays by Onekama students in past showcases have ranged from simple to very elaborate uses of technology and have included teams of students from grades one through twelve.


This year, a group of Onekama High School students shared persuasive commercials they created in English class with their teacher, Nikki Torrey. The student presenters explained the steps and technology used to create the commercials, and they also used the projects to teach about the stages of the writing process. After completing the commercials, students used what they learned and applied it to their writing in the form of a traditional essay.

"I enjoyed showing other people what we do in class.  I also liked how much people appreciated our work," commented Onekama sophomore Braden Hagen.


The students were accompanied by teachers representing Onekama Elementary, Middle and High School staff. The event was a great learning experience for the staff as well. Through the conference, Onekama teachers were able to see many of the exciting developments happening in schools around the state, and to bring these ideas back to their classrooms.  

Braden Hagen and Randy Pienta share their 
classroom project.

    Caleb Wisniski and Jon Acton demonstrate how 
technology enriches their learning at OHS.

March 2014