For art class we got to go downtown and paint windows of some business that wanted them done. My group got to paint Matthews builders and they had a lot of nice big windows to paint on. It was nice being able to get out of the classroom and enjoy painting outside! For the first days the weather was good, it was very warm and felt nice being outside and not all cooped up in school. My group put hard work into our painting and had fun, I really enjoyed doing it. We drew some spooky things and harvest things. Good time. -Cassidy Gilman



By Carson Hearit

Our class painted windows in downtown Onekama October 9-11. I was only able to paint on the last two days; I was busy on the 9th. Jarrett Buckner, Sam Bush, and I worked on the thrift shop window on the 10th with decent progress. When we got ready to paint on the 11th, Jarrett was busy so Sam and I was left to finish the window. We got down there to find out that the rain from the previous day had washed all of our progress off. Therefore, we, with a little help from Hope Showalter, decided to speedrun the painting and finished it in one day with decent results. The most prominent thing that I remember from this experience is how cold it was Thursday; I couldn’t feel my hands.

Window painting was a fun experience. Even though one of our windows washed off from the rain, and the weather was very bipolar because some days were warmer than some days it felt like winter. Besides the weather I had a fun experience painting at the yellow dog. I had a very talented group I was working with. I think that our window turned out pretty great in my opinion. I am very glad that we get to do downtown ,and do this for our little town we live it.

Ashley McGrady

Window Painting Experience

By: Anika Martell

I really don’t want to do it again. I know it sounds bad, but we didn’t have enough time and it was very stressful. We had to many people working on only ONE window, there just wasn’t enough room for all of us to do something. Then there was this creepy lady that kept bugging all the groups, she kept telling us what to do. Then the lady pretty much stuck a baby wipe in Ruby’s ear without her knowing. It was to much, I also just really hate having what I create on display for everyone to see. If we do this again next year I hope we get more time.

The manager at Portage Point Inn asked our high school students to paint pumpkins for their upcoming Halloween party.  Can you match the artist with the pumpkins??
Margaret Smith
Carson Hearit
Hope Showalter
Kaona March
McKenna Ingalls
Katie Sidor
Samantha Bush




Photos by Ms. Woolman
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