Wood Shop With Mr. Toelle 2017-2018

Welcome to Onekama High School Wood Shop

The Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society region #13 fair was held at Fremont High School on May 3rd and 4th followed by the state MITES convention on May 9th through the 12th at the Lansing Center. Awards are given each year to students that demonstrate skill, work ethic and craftsmanship in the field of wood working. First through fourth place winners qualifies for the state competition. There are 20 regions with the potential of competing against 80 other students in any one given category and grade level. Schools from A through D class complete each year for the awards in the 13 divisions. Each division is divided into smaller categories. The woods area (WO) has 17 categories. Students are then placed into grade level of similar abilities.  


Onekama Middle School WO-3-D MITES winners:

Pictured from right to left

8th grader Ellery McIsaac        1st Place Region 13- Honorable Mention State

8th grader Madsen Hall            2nd Place Region 13- Honorable Mention State

7th grader Sawyer Christensen 3rd Place Region 13- Honorable Mention State

8th grader Emily Draper           4th Place Region 13- Honorable Mention State

Onekama High School WO-3-C winner

9th grader Adrian Resendiz       1st Place Region 13- 9th State


Projects by Anthony March above
Project are starting to come in for this year.

 Britten VanVoorst and Ben Falk 
with their projects

Anthony March - Cutting Board

Adam Porter with his project ~ May 2018

Adrian Resendiz and Elinor Sved

Haden Platx with his sofa table

Jacob Paterson's project 
~ May 2018

Mason Tennant - May 2018

Aaron Powers

John Burtch
Fishing Lure Display 

Ellinor Sved

Ellinor Sved (Finland)

Ellinor Sved (Lower Michigan)

Adrian Resendiz with dog house and boxes

Brian Hall's project ~ May 2018

Outdoor Table - Sam Corey - May 2018

Britten VanVoorst
May 2018

John Neph - Tic Tac Board
Kylie Gramza
Key Rack

Caden Johnson
End Table