Art Students Paint Windows for Fall Festival

Onekama art students paint the windows of the former Saco’s Market, soon-to-be the EZ Market.


Onekama High School Art Students Help Prepare Town for Fall Festival


On Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30, Onekama High School art students were given the opportunity to make their mark on their town. Literally.


Working in small groups, art students under the direction of teacher Dana Woolman were paired with local businesses to paint the windows of their stores. Students helped the businesses prepare for the upcoming Fall Festival, which takes place in Onekama the weekend of October 7 and 8.


Though the projects presented some challenges, students found the value of teamwork and the rewards of a job well done.


“My window painting experience was very fun. I had a good time spending time with my friends and using our artistic abilities together,” explained freshman Kelly Timmons. “There were times when it got difficult, but we all worked together and found a way to fix it. In the end, our window paintings turned out much better than we thought they would.”


Freshman Sydnee Hrachovina described the process used by the students: “We used a mixture of tempera paint and dish soap, so if we messed up we could easily just wipe it away and re do it, which surprisingly didn’t happen as much as I expected.”


Students discovered that they gained more than just a few days out of the classroom. “It was nice to get outside and help out the community to enjoy the fall weather,” said sophomore Samantha Bush. “There’s just a little pride and happiness you get when you find others who enjoy your hard working skills.”


Concluded student Trace Ware, “I learned that everything gets done faster when you work as a team and are all on the same page. I would love to window paint again; it’s just a whole different thing than painting on paper. I would like to thank the Yellow Dog Cafe for trusting my group and Ms. Woolman for taking us down there.”

finished windows at the Yellow Dog Café 

Sophomores Katie Sidor and Cassidy Gilman help get their town ready for the Fall Festival.

Window Painting Experience

I really enjoyed my window paint experience. Though it was a little difficult, because we were painting from the inside, it was still a lot of fun. That meant that everything we painted had to be backwards and layered differently, like painting details then backgrounds. One thing I really liked about painting the windows was working with my team. All our ideas together formed a really beautiful painting. Personally, I hope we get to do it again next year.

on Main Street in Onekama

Freshmen Alliyiah Torrey and Kolin Kook are in great spirits as they paint the windows of One Kama Mama’s Pizza in downtown Onekama.

A Fun and Unique Experience

Kolin Cook

Window painting was a fun and unique experience. We had to create the paint we used on the windows by adding dish soap to our tempra paint, so it would wash off. Then we had to get the rest of our stuff together to take to our buildings, which consisted of pallets, news paper, paper towel, our drawings and ideas, and our brushes.

It was very hard and awkward to paint on two windows that were separated by wood. It took us awhile to get parts of it lined up, on each window. We also did our windows from the inside so making it not look backwards was difficult as well. It was very difficult to paint without being able to draw an outline first. Painting on a vertical surface was difficult as well.