Mr. Toelle's Wood Shop

               Onekama Industrial Technology Award 2016

The Paul Foster memorial student of the year in industrial technology at Onekama High School goes to freshman Aric Hopwood, a first year woods student. The award is given each year to the student that demonstrates self direction, citizenship, work ethic and craftsmanship in the field of wood working. This award is generally given to a second or third year student but Aric produced this gun cabinet from his own design. Cabinets for a first year student are unusual because of the difficulty and inexperience. It is only fitting this annual award be dedicated in honor of students who’s love and passion for woods is constant through out the academic year. 

Onekama High School Winners at MITES

     The Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society region #13 fair was held at Big Rapids on May 5th and 6th followed by the state MITES convention on May 11th through the 14th at the Lansing Center. Awards are given each year to students that demonstrate skill, work ethic and craftsmanship in the field of wood working. First through fourth place winners qualifies for the state competition. There are 20 regions with the potential of competing against 80 other students in any one given category and grade level. Schools from A through D class complete each year for the awards in the 13 divisions. Each division is divided into smaller categories. The woods area (WO) has 17 categories. Students are then placed into grade level of similar abilities. 

Gun Rack
10th grader Grant Johnson, 2nd Place Region 13 
State Honorable Mention

Box Joint Box WO3B MITES
12th grader Evan Erts,  3rd Place Region 13 
State Honorable Mention

Chess Board and Storage Box WO2B MITES
12 grader Ivy Edens,  4th Place Region 13     
State Honorable Mention

Fish Cleaning Board WO2B MITES
12th grader Ivy Edens 5th Place Region 13

Wood Turning and Lid WO8B MITES
12th grader Evan Erts, 5th place Region 13

Ethan Hunt - Cabinet

Gabe Sidor - Michigan Weather Station

Grant Johnson - Gun Rack

Blake Krolczyk - Stool 2

Kyle Peterson - Michigan Weather Station

 Andy Johnson - Table

Cadence Miller & Blake Soper - Cutting Boards

Jarrett Bradford - Table

Blake Krolczyk - Stool 1

Matt Hull - Bean Bag Game

Steven Nelson - Rack