Moving On

What I learned from the 8th graders about how to survive
middle school…

  • To turn in your homework on time!  -Kaitlyn 
  • That Middle School is harder. You have to be on time. If you have more than 2 tardies, you go
    to RTC .– Taylor
  • Always wear deodorant, and shower every day. Also, bring a change of clothes for gym class.  – Cyerah 
  • Bring your right books to each class. You have time between classes to go back to your locker. – John 
  • Buy a lot of paper, a lot of pencils, and a graphing calculator.  – Sam
  • Keep your locker clean. Learn your combination. Choose a locker partner you can trust.  – Baylee 
  • Drop the drama. You don’t have time for it in middle school. – Cyerah
  • Homework comes before sports. Do your work at study skills or right after school, so you don’t
     forget about it. – Alexia

     Today the middle schoolers talked to us about middle school. I learned that you should have a locker buddy and to have an air refreshener in there. We also need to wear perfume or deodorant cause it will be smelly. I learned that we need lots of pencils because you will need it and lots of paper. I hope I am more prepared now. ~Kirstin

      The 8th grade talked to us today about going into middle school. They gave us lots of advise. They said that you need lots of pencils in middle school because people will take them. Another piece of advise they gave us is to choose a locker partner that  you will not fight with. Another word for that is be wise. One more piece of advise is to keep track of time because if you get two or more tardies you will get written up in RTC. ~Katherine 

      The eighth grade class lectured us about middle school next year.  The 8th grade told us to bring a whole bunch of pencils.   They also said to have deodorant because you'll smell horrible.  They said to keep your old math because you might need it again.  Middle school sounds like fun and a challenge. ~Shane

      The eighth graders told us how to survive in middle school they told us that middle school is hard and easy some things they told us that we have combinations on are new lockers. We also need deodorant for gym and classes. They said we should have a hundred pencils! I can't wait for middle school! ~Mason 

      I'm in 5 grade rite now. Next year  I'll  be in 6th grade.  Today  the   8th grade  told us about 6th grade.  At first I was scared about 6th grade. Now I'm not so much.  I learned three things about it. You have locks on you locker and you keep it clene.  You also have a locker for PE  with a lock. You also have to wear Deodorant. ~Justice

     The 8th grade talked to us today about going to middle school. Three things I learned were to bring deodorant to gym because you can get smelly. The second one is to not bring all your books to one class because your backpack can get heavy. The last thing is to bring a lot of pencils because one of the student council kids were crawling on the floor for pencils. I'm a little nervous about going to middle school. ~Benjamin

      Three things we learned at the training for 6th grade were to have deodorant and to keep your locker clean. The third thing was to go the bathroom before class. I'm a little scared to go to 6th grade. ~Jake 

      On Friday May 16, the 8th graders gave us helpful tips for middle school next year. They told us what we will need like LOTS of pencil, a lot of note books, and lots of deodorant. They told us to share a locker with clean and neat people, and to be at school on time. I liked that they told us all different tips for middle school and they answered all of my questions. I hope all the tips will come in handy. ~Ajah

      Today we got to talk to the  8th grade about  6th grade.  They said  we needed to have a lot of pencils and paper.  Some other things they said were we needed deodorant and a good locker buddy.  I'm super nervous for sixth grade. ~Kelton

      Today the eighth grade came to tell us about Middle School. They said you need to remember the password for you locker. Also you need to bring deodorant to wear. And last they told us that we need like 10,000 pencils. ~Kirk

      Three things I learned was you will share a locker, teachers are nice, and you have study hall for homework and you will do different things for 9 weeks. It was fun, it was for get us ready for the 6th grade. ~Austin B.

      Today the eighth grade came and talked to us about being ready for middle school. They told us what to watch for and what we need to be ready. The eighth grade class told us to remember to bring deodorant so we don't stink. Another thing they told us to remember to bring was lots of pencils, because you will run out lot of them very fast. Then they told us to go to the bathroom before class because you only have three minutes or it would be a tardy. If you got three tardies you had to go write a plan. Now I am going to be prepared for middle school. ~Moriah

      There is so much homework in sixth grade. I learned that you have to keep your grades up to play sports.  In sixth grade I have to turn in my homework or else I'll get half credit. The eighth graders taught us 5th graders about middle school.  It was awesome that the eighth graders taught us some things. ~Christian

I learned a lot about middle school thanks to the 8th grade lecture.  Three things I learned were keeping track of pencils because in middle schouo you're ging to need all the pencils you need! Another thing I learned was to share a locker with a friend witch I think is awesome! The last thing I learned was bring deodorant. You're going to need it for gym.  I am really really nerves about 6th grade! ~Ruby 

Thank you eighth graders for sharing your Middle School 

Eighth grade speakers included Madison Miller, Jeremiah Torrey, McKenzie Bradford, Nicholas Falk
and  Emily Beeman.

May 2014