Iditaread!  March is both Reading Month and The Iditarod Race. Combining the two, Mrs. Brown's students are working on reading 975 minutes for the 975 mile race. They will be send text about watching and tracking their musher and how they finished in the race.  "This is the most enthusiastic group of followers I've ever had," said Mrs. Brown.  "They really enjoyed following the race! 

      My mushers name is Richie Diehl.His hometown is Aniak,Alaska. Richie come in 14th place.One thing that I thought is funny is that the dogs have to wear booties. Richie began mushing as a kid. I enjoyed following the race because I've learned a lot about the Iditarod.
      Our reading goal is to read 975 minutes in the month of March. I have already reached my goal. The book I read and finished is Harry Potter. ~Katie

Martin Buser was born in Switzerland.  My musher finished in 6th place.  One thing I learned was the dogs wear booties. It has been so fun doing this.  I learned how hard it is to race.  I learned how  hard it was to leave a dog.  I really enjoyed following Mr.Martin and his puppy dogs racing the iditarod race. The race is 975 miles we tried to read 975 minutes.  I read 263 minutes.  ~Ruby

My mushers name is Aliy Zirkle.  Her hometown is in Two Rivers, Alaska. Aliy finished in 2nd place.   A new thing I learned is that a snub line is a rope you tie to things then on to your sled.   Another thing I learned is that she has two step daughters,Bridgett and Jennifer.  I enjoyed the race because you learn new things about it and it's fun.  The reading challenge is were you try to read 975 minutes like the 975 miles in the race.  I have read 341 minutes so far.  The books I read are Where the Red Fern Grows, The Wanderer, and a Rabbit book. ~Kirstin Erts

     My mushers name is Hugh Neff.  He lives in Tok, Alaska.  He did not finish the race.  I enjoyed the race because  you watch them and it is very interesting to watch.  You never know whats going to happen.  They could get hurt or there sleds could break.  Be always prepared an careful.  

     This month Mrs.Brown has us read for 975 minutes for the race because they have to run 975 miles. so far I have read 983 minutes. I have been reading the book Where the red fern grows. ~Moriah

My mushers name is Rick Casillo.  my mushers home town is Alden, out side of  Bufflo,  New York.    my musher finished the race by 26 place. I learnd that mushin is vary dangerous. I learnd it was fun but it was cold.  I learnd  also thay had  to stop to eat and drink and rest. I loved following the race. It was fun because  you got to follow  what thay did. The  975 minutes of reading was hard but fun.  I read a 100 mints so far and iv been reading Junie Bee books. ~Justice

My mushers name is Robert Bundtzen. His hometown is Anderson Alaska. Robert finish in 42th place. It was very fun to follow the race. It was cool to see where everybody was stopping and who finished the race first and second. My class and I are trying to read 975 minutes was The Sign Of The Beaver. ~Jenna

My mushers name is Jessie Royer.  Her home town is Darby,MT.  Jessie finished in seventh place.  There was not much snow.  It was a really hard race.  I really enjoyed following the race.  I liked doing the 975 minutes for March.  I really read a lot.  I hope to do it again.  ~Jake

     My mushers name is Karin Hendrickson. Her hometown is Mt.Baldy,  California. My musher came in 36th place in the Iditarod. I learned two mushing words. they are ''Much! Hike! All Right!'' and neckline.
     For March we did a reading challenge. The challenge was that we had to read 975 minutes for 975 miles of the race. I read 745 minutes. Some of the books I read were Where the red fern grows,  The true confessions of Charlotte Doyle,  Big Nate, and Showoff. It was fun doing this!   ~Benjamin

     In class we are following the Iditarod race. We are trying to read 975 minutes because that is how long the race is. I have already read 2,951 minutes. 
     I have gone through 2 mushers already and they both scratched because the conditions are so bad. My first musher was Cindy Abbott and my second musher was Elliot Anderson. When Cindy Abbott scratched she was in 46th place. Elliot Anderson was in 56th place when he scratched. It was fun following the race because you got to see what place your musher was in and watch videos of the mushers. ~Kirk

     My musher was Yvonne Dabakk.She is from Mainz, Germany,but moved to Norway in 2001.My musher finished in 45 place with 11 healthy dogs.
      What I learn following the Iditarod was the dogs wore booties.They wore them to protect their paws.The conditions of the race were bad this year because there was ice and very little snow.I lost my reading track sheet. I did read. ~Kaden 

     My mushers name is Nathan Stroeder My musher lives in Minnesota. My musher finished the race in 17th place.I learned that mushers need to be strong to control their dogs.Mushers need to learn lots of words to control their dogs. The reading was hard but fun.I've read 965 minutes and the book i'm reading is Forge. ~Mason T.

My mushers name is Matt Failor. His hometown is Willows Alaska. Matt Failor finished in 15th place. I learned it takes time,to let the dogs sleep. I enjoyed following the race because I like the dogs. I have read 530 min. last month. I have read The Dog Man it was a challenge. ~Austin

My mushers name is Newton Marshall. He is from St. Anne, Jamaica. I learned that the word Gee means go right. I also learned that they didn't have a lot of snow. Newton Marshall came in 43rd place. I have read 699 minutes so far. I've read War With Grandpa, The Wanderer, True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Night of the Twister. I hope I get to do this again. ~Hayden

My mushers name was Anna Berington. She is 30 years old. She raced in three different Iditarods with her twin sister Kristy Berington. She is from Northern Wisconsin where she first learned how to race. After graduating high school Anna joined the National Gaurd during that time she did alot of traveling. She eventually moved to California where she gave dog sled tours. Soon after that she decided "Tours wernt enough." So she moved to Alaska where she became an official Iditarod racer. Ive leaned alot about the Iditarod like they have to run 975 miles, and they have to be carful about the "Over Flow' which is when ice gets so thick that it has no flow so it goes over the ice and makes it really slippery.  ~Ajah