Holiday Band Concert

Fifth Grade Band Concert ~ Dec. 17, 2013
The band concert was fun we played for everybody i played the trombone and played "Mary Had A Little Lam"and"Hot Cross Buns" . it was very fun at the band concert i cant wait for the next! ~Mason

I love band. I play the flute. For are Christmas concert we played two songs. we played rolling along and hot cross buns. we also played some notes.It was kind of scary but it was super fun.  I can't wait for are next concert. ~Alexia M
   We came to the school at 6:45 and the band started to play at 7:05. We played 2 songs and the notes that we learned the songs were Hot Cross Buns,and Rolling Along witch is another name for Mary Had A Little Lamb.I was surprised that they would have a concert before we barley learned anything. I was a little nervous and thinking that we would not be good. We turned out to be really good. ~Cyerah

On December 17th,2013  the 5th grade had a band concert.It was very fun.I played the French horn. we played two different songs "Rolling along" and "Hot Cross buns".At the end we had cookies and lemonade.I think we did good. ~Adam P.

The concert was really fun. I play the clarinet. I might of squeaked once or twice. During the concert we played hot cross buns and rolling along . ~Katie M.

The band concert was awesome!   We were on first so all we did was the things we knew. Kirk and I forgot what note to play.  It was a fun concert! ~Benjamin F.

Yesterday I was in a Band Concert. I played the flute. One of the two songs we played was Rolling Along. We showed the audience what we learned so far. We also played Hot Cross Buns. At first I was nervous, but when we started I was perfectly fine. When it was over with we had lemonade and cookies. It was the best Christmas Concert ever. ~Eliaylia B.

I play the flute. When we did the concert I sat in the front row witch made me nerves. It was vary fun and I smiled a lot. I squeaked a lot too. When the curtains open I thought I would faint. When I sat up strait I got a little use to it. I can't wait for are next concert. ~Sky L.

Yesterday 5th grade had a band concert we all had to play certain notes and two different songs we played "Rolling Along" and " Hot Cross Buns". It was really fun. I play the clarinet so it was a little confusing when she tells everyone to play a certain note and we all have different instruments. We got to watch the older kids. At the end there was cookies and lemonade. ~Ajah F.
Our class had a Band Concert and we sounded really good. I play the Flute, and its really fun. We played two songs called Rolling Along and Hot Cross Buns. I thought the Band Concert was really fun because it was our first one. We did really good for our first one.I had a lot of fun. ~Coriena M.

Are first band concert was December 17,2013 and we did pretty good. I play the French Horn and so far i really like it. The songs we played were ''Hot Cross Buns'' and  ''Rolling Along''. I think I did good in ''Hot Cross Buns''. I hope we have another band concert this year. ~Taylor

The band concert was so much fun! It was really fun when we went on stage and played  Hot Cross Buns . I also liked showing everyone what we learned. I hope we have another band concert next year. ~Sara

Our class had a band concert.At first we were a little shaky but we still play. We played two songs Hot Cross Buns and Rolling Along.I play the clarinet.Our class did really for our first concert. had lots of fun. ~Moriah F.
  The concert was fun we played hot cross buns and rolling along. First we did what we do in band witch is revue our notes. After that we played our songs. I play the flute.Before we got on the stage my nerves were getting the best of me but when we started to play the songs i felt like i was not even on the stage in front of a bunch of people. It felt like i was in the band room doing what we do best and playing our notes. I had the best time of my life.  ~Baylee G. 

Yesterday I was in the Onekama Band Concert.I played the flute, I was a little nervous because there was a lot of people there.My class and i played Rolling Along,and Hot Cross Buns.   ~Jenna

Yesterday I was in a band concert.I play the baritone with Ben.For the songs we played Hot Cross Buns and what else we knew like play a d play a f play a b and stuff like that.Me and Ben didn't know were we were in the book so we stopped playing for a wile. ~Kirk

I played the clarenet. We played a song like Mary Had A Little Lamb.We also played Hot Cross Buns.We sat in the back row.It was fun to play the songs. ~Kirstin E.
  I played the trombone. we played notes and then we played hot cross buns. the funnest part was before when we were getting ready in the class room. It was fun because we played and took pictures. ~Samuel C.

I played the trumpet and the songs we played were rolling along and hot cross buns.We also played long and short notes I was really fun. ~Keely-Shaye