Reading Month "Myths & Legends" Celebration

First grade teacher Carolyn Bradford got into the spirit as her students doused her with water as a reward for the entire class meeting its reading goal.

Building Enthusiasm for Reading? It’s Not a Myth!

Excitement was in the air at Onekama Consolidated Schools on Friday, March 22, as students gathered in the school’s gymnasium for a “Bigfoot Boogie Party.”
The party was the culmination of the school’s March is Reading Month celebration. This year’s theme was “Myths and Legends.” Throughout the month, students participated in legendary reading activities including Toga Day, Medusa (wild hairstyle) Day, Mythical Creature Day, Minotaur Mismatch Day, Pegasus Poem Day, and more.

Students who completed their individual reading goals for the month were invited to join the Bigfoot Boogie Party on the last day before spring vacation. First and second grade students read for an impressive total of 30,000 minutes, and third through fifth grade students earned more than 900 accelerated reader points this month.

Dancing, dessert, and dunking teachers was on the agenda for the party. Second grader Stormy Brown enjoyed the dance party with her friends and said, “I love how how much fun we are all having with our friends.” Third grader Brohdy added, “Dancing is fun, but my favorite part is reading!” Second grader Lily Wolfe loved that the teachers got in on the fun, too.

Classes that met their reading goals were rewarded with a bucket of water to dump over their teachers’ heads. Attendees exited the party in good spirits (and a little bit wet), proving that Reading can make a Splash. And that’s no myth.


Onekama first grade students Eden Leiffers and Arianna Martz enjoy dancing at the Barefoot Boogie Party reading celebration.

Students who reached their reading goals for the month enjoyed an afternoon in the school’s gymnasium with activities, dancing, and games.

(Note: I am super proud of my 7th grade students, who wrote this article together. They attended the party today with clipboards in hand. Some were assigned to interview elementary students. Others were assigned to interview teachers. A third group took photographs. We returned to the classroom, connected a laptop to the SmartBoard, reviewed the elements of a new story, and then students worked together to write. It was a lot to ask in the last hour before spring break, but they were amazing.)

Onekama Elementary celebrates 
March is Reading Month

Dancing, dessert, and dunking teachers was
on the agenda for the party.

March 2019