Collecting Sap

Ms. Lyman and Mr. Mauntler teamed us this year to make maple syrup with their students.  
The classes combined efforts to get the sugaring season underway.  
They read Sugarbush Spring and watched a "how to" video.
 Mr. Mauntler's class collected 3 gallons and Ms. Lyman's class collected 4 gallons. 
Our goal is to collect around 20 gallons in all and make about a half gallon of syrup. We are well on our way to that goal!

The sap turned into syrup today! It took 7 days of boiling the sap but now it's syrup. After boiling 22 gallons of sap we ended up with about 3 quarts of syrup.  The second graders did a taste test on the sap last week. Today they got to compare by tasting a sample of syrup.