Hartwick Pines with Mr. Bradford

Mr. Nick Bradford's students visited Hartwick Pines.  

Hartwick Pines State Park preserves the largest stand of old growth white pine (49 acres) in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. With nearly 9,000 acres in which to roam, Hartwick Pines is a great destination for mountain biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, picnicking, birding, hunting, fishing and exploring Michigan's great outdoors. Situated among the towering trees of one of Michigan's largest remaining stands of virgin white pine, Hartwick Pines Logging Museum depicts the state's 19th-century logging era, when Michigan led the nation in sawed lumber production.

My 4th grade class went to Hartwick Pines and learned about the old days, and how they used to lumberjack. We saw the biggest tree at Hartwick Pines. We got to see really cool animal skins. There were really fun trails and really cool trees to see on the walk. Did you now that lumberjacks shared rooms and worked 6 days a week for 6 to 7 hours. They only had 15 minutes to have all their lunch, breakfast, and dinner. When they had the day off in their week they only had 20 minutes to eat.  That is not a lot of time. In the old days they had weird names for the cook and there food. If you really think about it, it's really cool because of all the different names they had for food and cooks. When we were on the trails we saw trees that got hit by lighting. One was really cool. The animals that were skinned I got to feel. They felt really cool. All kinds of people from around the world worked as lumberjacks.That’s what I learned about the Hartwick Pines. CARLEY

My fourth grade class went to Hartwick Pines. We learned about lumberjacks and the old days. They would use no cell phones. The Lumberjacks didn't have three pairs of clothes, so they would hang them up on a clothesline.  They would sleep in a cabin and there was about 50 people staying in one cabin. They would come back home stinky and sweaty, and once a week they would have a bath. They would have a bucket of water and they would heat it in the fire. When it was heated they would pour it in the bath. The oldest person there would get to go in the bath, then the second oldest would go next. The youngest person in the camp that was new would go last they would be in dirty water. If they took a bath it would be grey and it would have germs in the water. They would be so sweaty when they come back and they would eat in the dining room. A doorknob would be a donut or a cookie and there would be silence when they would eat. If they talked they would get smacked or yelled at. The cook would made all the food and the other ones who would take the food to you would get 3 dollars a day back, in the old days that was a good amount of  money for them. The lumberjacks would get 2 dollars a day. That would be a good amount of money. If they made the same food for a while or if it was bad food it wouldn't give them any energy for the day. The only day off was Sunday. People would come from different parts of the world and they wouldn't speak the same language, so they would dance and play checkers. That's what I learned at Hartwick pines. HAILEY

My 4th grade class was excited for this field trip. It was fun. There were tools and there were axes. On our way back  to school we went to McDonald's and got food. It was delicious and it took us 2 hours to get there and back. Dainyn

My 4th class went to Hartwick Pines. We saw  

neat animals. We walked in the woods and learned about people who lived in the woods and saw different wood types. We also saw a Porcupine. MATTHEW

My fourth grade class went to Hartwick Pines.  We learned that the lumberjacks worked till sun up to sun down, and they were so sweaty. They would take a bath, and the person who worked the hardest got to go first. By the time it got to the twentieth person the water would be gray and fleas would be dancing on top of the water and the other people wouldn't want to take a bath for a month. That is some of the stuff we learned at Hartwick Pines.                                           KENDRA

My 4th grade and I learned  about trees on our class trip. We also got to go on a nature hike and see animals.                             DAVID