Magoon Creek

Mrs. Bennett's 4th grade class and Mr. Bradford's 4th grade class
visited Magoon Creek.

On Monday May 24, 2018 we went to Magoon Creek.  My partner was Jakob. We learned about birds. If you touch a birds egg it will still take care of it.  It was fun. We learned about dirt and the Great Lakes. We also went to Lighthouse Park. I hope you can go some time. -- Sean

On May 24th my class and I went to Magoon Creek. First we went to Mr. Ramon he taught us
about Native American instruments and the study of sound. Then we went to Mrs. Jacobi we rode a
bike and made smoothies it was very fun. Then we went to Mr. Purdy he told us stories of insects and photographing and he showed us a really cool fossil. Then we went to Mr. Huey to learn about soils
he let us hold a lot of different soils. Then we went to Mr. Barto he taught us about birds in Michigan.
We then went to Mr. Sobaski and he taught us how to plant trees and taught us about trees.
Then we went to  Mr. Breederland he taught us about  fish and the Great Lakes. After that we went to Lighthouse Park I had a great time at Magoon Creek.  --Jake

Today my class and I went to Magoon creek. We had so much fun my favorite part is win we learn about birds. Another thing we did we made smoothies. When we learned about birds did you know that a humming birds feathers are black. Another thing is we saw the pileated woodpecker.  The pileated woodpecker makes a square in the tree. It was fun at Magoon Creek. --Samantha

My class and I went to Magoon Creek. I did not have a favorite spot because all of them are awesome. I thought the birds were really, really cool. The rest of the spots are really cool too. There were lots of stops and all of them were awesome. It was really, really fun. -- Ethan

My class took a field trip to Magoon Creek. I really liked learning about birds with Mr. Barto. I think that the mummified birds that he had in his pocket were cool. It was cool when he showed us the nests, the hummingbird one was my favorite. It was pretty fun to go to the Lighthouse Park at the end. It was a fun field trip. -- Luke

Today my class and I went to Magoon Creek. I had so much fun except the part where I was about to sweat to
death. I loved all the people so much, out of all the people I liked Mr. Barto the most. I loved his teaching about
birds. It inspired me to go bird watching. I will never forget this moment! I hope I can come back soon. I loved
Magoon Creek!  -- Henry

On this very warm sunny day our class went on a trip to Magoon Creek. When we

started the walk through the forest, we made a lot of stops to very cool destinations. My favorite had to be Mr. Barto who studies the birds of the area. The reason I chose him is because I go bird watching all the time, and it was really cool for him to talk about different birds like hummingbirds, woodpeckers and other types. He also talked about nests of the birds and how big or small. I’m so glad he talked about this topic and I was hoping I would get to see this today! It was super fun and I loved it very much. Thank you for the nature walk! --Sierra

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