Mackinac Island

The 3rd grade class and I went to Mackinac Island. It was super fun! When we got to Mackinac City we got in line for the Shepler's Mackinac Ferry. When it was our turn to go on the Ferry I want on top we started to go to Mackinac Island it was super windy. When we got there we waited for the horse carriage. When it came we got on, the others were on a different carriage. We had a tour around the place.   Then we took a picture when we got off the carriage to see our picture we hung out in the place so we went to the bathroom, got a snack, and then we were off to the Grand Hotel. We had a different carriage, the carriage man was talking about the war in the fort.

We got to the Grand Hotel and waited for the other carriage, it took at least 30-20 mins before they got there and so we took some pictures. Then off to lunch we went. We got in there and there was an buffet. We got seated it was a struggle to get seated. We were all done eating our desert, so we went to go explore the Hotel. We were almost going to be late for the fort so we went. We had to walk there. When we got there we took another picture. We went in the fort to look and see. We went in the houses and the schools. When we went out we went to go shopping, then it was time to go and we got on the Ferry to go to Mackinac City. We then got on the bus and some in cars and went home. Now You Know About The Mackinac Trip.  JOURNEY

We went to Mackinac island. We rode on a carriage we were so excited that were going to the grand hotel. We ate our food, then we went shopping I bought toys. Then we went to the shelter they sotof of a giant cannon it was fun. JAMIE

The 3rd graders and I went to Mackinac Island. My friends and I learned everything together. The carriage ride was the best!   SERENITY

We went to Mackinac Island and they fired a canyon.

We went to the fort. We went to the Grand Hotel and had lunch. We took the ferry home. It was fun.  LUIS

We went to Mackinac Island. We all had all of fun. We rode the ferry. We got to  ride the carriage it was fun. Then we rode a bigger carriage. At the Grand hotel we ate our lunch. We had to walk to the Grand hotel. It  was fun.Then we went to the fort. We learned stuff that was fun. My Dad and I left the fort and went to a store. My Dad see a guy drawing and asked, “Can you draw us?” He said “Yes.” Dad and I went to the bookstore. I got the book wonder. It was super fun at Mackinac Island. HANNAH