Salmon Release

Fifth Grade Raise & Release Salmon

Click here for a video of the release.  Individual pictures will be posted soon.
 This video takes 8 minutes to view.   

I have learned so much about salmon. I was so happy that we got to raise them.

The title of project was Salmon in Classroom. The fish were incredible to raise. They started to hatch a month before Christmas. How do they grow up? The fish are not invasive species.

They start out as eggs then they become a sac fry then a smolt then an adult fish.

We released them in the Manistee River weir. A weir is a pond where fish grow up.  A salmon can grow up to 15 inches and 73 pounds. The best part about having the salmon was learning how they grow up and what other creatures they eat, like flies. We had the fish for 6 months! I enjoyed every minute of it!  -- Haley

What I learned when we got salmon is the 5 stages of the salmon The stages are eggs, eyed eggs, sac fry, and smolt. One thing about the eggs is that you don't have to clean the salmons fish tank when their eggs. You start to clean when they become a sac-fry and we have cleaned it sense. We got are salmon on November 9th and we release them May 18th. WHen we released the salmon we went to the spirit of the woods Bear Creek. In the beginning before we got the fish we went to the manistee river weir and we saw them milt the male and female salmon get melted.  -- Mathew

In the school year my class raised salmon. They started hatching Before Christmas. What I learned was how salmon grow up it goes eggs-sac fry-fry- smolt and the senkent thing I learned was how to clean the tank step 1 check the tank tumblr. Step 2  get the toub put the toub in the water. Step 3 put the dirty water in to a buked. Step 4 fell the tank bake up. --Savanna  

My class got to raise salmon this year. We got the salmon November 9th 2017. We got to see some salmon at the Manistee weir before we got some.  First they were eggs then sac fry then a smolt. We got to raise them for 6 months. It was really fun raising salmon these year. It was really fun cleaning the fish tank and sometimes it smelled bad when water would spell. We release them on May 18 2018 at Spirit of the woods. It was really fun and i hope i can do it again someday.  --Jacob

This year my class raised salmon. I learned it is really important to keep their tanks clean and keep the environment clean. We got the salmon on November 9th. We had they for about 6 months. We went on a field trip to the weir and saw how the fish are milked and we watch the workers fertilize the eggs. After that our teacher went and learned about the salmon and how to raise them. After learning about them, Mrs. Brown brought back salmon for us to raise. They were eggs for about one month. Then they went to alevins. After that stage they went to the fry stage. When they were were in the fry stage we started cleaning their tank. It took about 2 ½ months for the frys to become smolts. We had the smolts for about a month. It was hard work to clean the tank. We tried to clean it every other day. We started with 200 fish and released 106 fish. It was a great experience to raise and release the salon.  --Veronica

We got the salmon on November 9.  We started with 200 salmon and we lost 94 salmon  We raised the salmon until they were smolts. We got the salmon from the Platte River fish hatchery.  The salmon went to eggs -sac fry-smoit. We did not have to clean the tank when the salmon were eggs. Then when the salmon haht we had to clean the tank.  When the salmon were smoit we took the salmon to a river.  --Braydon

In 2018 our fifth grade class raised salmon in our classroom. Their life cycle is egg - Sac fry -fry- smolt. Our teacher had to get training before we got the eggs because it is very important to be trained so you know how to raise salmon. We had the salmon  for 6 months. We went to Manistee Weir to see the fish hatchery so we could see how the eggs looked. But before that we had to clean the fish tank once a week when we got the salmon. Our class went to spirit of the woods to release 106 salmon when they were smolts.  --Cailee

Our 5th grade class did a salmon in the classroom. We raised all the salmon. We had 200 eggs. We went to the Manistee River Weir to see people get milt and eggs out of the salmon When they were still in the eggs we did not clean the tank. When they turned into elviens we did the same thing.  Then they turned into fry’s. That’s when we started cleaning the tank. Then when they turned into smolts we had to clean the fish tank every wednesday. Then when they got big enough we released them at Spirit of the Woods at Bear Creek. Rob took our classroom in a lot of trails in the woods. DNRs taught us about invasive species. --Tommy

My class went on a field trip to Spirit of the Woods in Bear Creek so we could release our salmon on May 21st 2018. We have been raising the salmon since November 9th. Our class took turns helping take care of the salmon. We were grouped up into groups of four once a week. So four people helped out once a week. We started out with 200 salmon and when we released them there was 106 salmon. Which is a pretty good amount. In November we got to go on a field trip and watch salmon get eggs taken out of them and there milt out of them too.When it was time to release them we left the school at about 8:30 and we got on the bus. When we got there we set all our stuff on a picnic table that was built into a tree. After we were done setting up we headed to the river and we lade all the buckets by the sand and everybody got to get a cup with water in it and we each got 2 salmon. Than we lined up by the shoreline of the river and slowly dump the salmon in the water most of them swam away but some stayed and swroned peoples feet that were in the water because they had water boots on. After when we were done with that there were DNR officers that came to us and they has wheighters on and they both went into the the water and were trying to catch something to show us and teach us about it after we were done we went and I set out my blanket on the ground and ate lunch. When we were done my mom found a dried up dead snapping turtle it looked really cool. Than we went on a hike thru the woods and after one hike we got to relax before we went on a other hike. After that we started a hike which was shorter than the other one. When we were done we headed out by the river and climbed on logs because some of my classmates saw a snake but did not catch it it was to fast and than some people fell in the water but they were ok. It was really fun I hope I can visit that place again. --Rebecca

This school year 2017- 2018 my class raised salmon. First we went to the Manistee river weir. We watched the DNR people spray the eggs out of the female salmon and then take the male salmon and use his milt to fertilize the eggs so they would grow.  Mrs.Brown was taught how to raise the salmon. Then Mrs.Brown got 200 eggs in November. They were eggs for about two months. They hatched and we fed them. We had to clean the tank so they wouldn’t die. They grew to be sac fry, fry, and smolts. When they reached the smolt stage we took them to the river. We released them when we got their. We released them in bear creek at spirit of the woods. When we released them I had to help some of the salmon get into the current. After all our class started with 200 eggs/fish and 94 died leaving a total 106 to hopefully live a long healthy and happy life.  --Hunter

We did a thing called salmon in the classroom.  When we first we went to the manistee weir we got to see  the eggs get taken from the female and the milt from the male.  We started with 200 salmon eggs. The salmon started as eggs then they turned into sac fry.  Then fry then smolt. We did a invasive species report to. That is were we got put in to groups and we chose a invasive species and then we did a report in our groups.  We released the salmon in Bear Creek. Then we went on a hike for a while on ridge trail the reason for its name is because it is a big riage. That's what we did with the fifth grade SIC. Tucker

We watched at the the workers at the Manistee weir take the eggs out of the salmon and also we watched the salmon eggs get fertilized so the eggs could grow. The salmon started out as eggs and than they broke out of the eggs. After they broke out of the eggs they had a sack attached to their stomach that that has food in it for the salmon to eat. Eventually the sack falls off the salmon and they turn into a fry that doesn't have a sack on it anymore. Than they become smoltes and start getting camouflage on their sides. Then we took the salmon to the Spirit of the woods conservation camp. We released 106 salmon into the river. They tried to fight the current but it was to strong. --Arden

This year our class raised salmon.First we went to the manistee river weir we saw the fish ladder and the holding tanks. We saw the people extract eggs and milt from the male and female salmon. After they mixed the milt and eggs and sent them to the hatchery. Then Mrs.Brown went and got eggs ready to hatch.  We got the salmon as eggs. Then they turned into sac fry then, a fry, the last stage was smolt. We took part during the year by cleaning the tank and feeding the fish. When we had the salmon we learned the different of invasive species and what they caused. Our class had the salmon for 6 months. We released the salmon in bear creek. To release the salmon you would slowly push them into the current. After we released the salmon the DNR taught us about the larva and invasive species. Then when we finished we walked on the trail. Rob from the spirit of the woods took us for a walk and we saw where turtles nest. Then we walked on the trails and I saw 2 steelhead. It was a really fun field trip.  Caden

May 18, 2018 we went to the spirit of the woods to release the salmon that we got for the SIC activity that we got in November and we raised until they became smolt. We each got four salmon to release and sometimes we had to push the away from the surface into the currant of the river. Once we all got to release the salmon we got to see the DNR catch some little animal things from the river in a net then we all got to look at them and the DNR officers told us what they were. After we finished looking and learning about the larva we followed our tour guide onto the trails. We went on all kinds of different trails but my favorite one was called the Ridged trail. It had only a little space for walking and it had super steep sides that went down into the river. On one of the trails we stopped and our tour guide taught us about erosion and told us that there was a bench but when erosion started to happen the bench started to collapse so now it is really far up, almost into the woods. One we got off of the trail we all went to go eat lunch behind the lodge and there was a cool bench that wrapped around a tree but we all couldn't fit on it so a lot of people sat on the ground. If we were not hungry we were allowed to just play. The thing that there were to play with were hula hoops beach balls and frisbees. After we were done eating lunch we went on a few more trails. On the first trail we went on the end of it had a tiny sandy area that went into the river and our tour guide told us not to talk and just listen then he asked us what we heard. We hear a lot of birds and the water of the river flowing. After awhile of hiking down the trails we got to go by a different part of the river. We were allowed to go onto the big fallen tree and we tried to catch the snakes that were in the water and some of us went onto the fiver then if you walk a little bit there is a little island and we were trying to catch minnows and anything else that moved or looked like it was alive. Once we were not catching things we put them in the bucket and when mrs.Brown told us it was time to leave we all ran up there to show her what we caught. I had so much fun and I home that I get to go there again soon.  -- Jayla

Our class took raised of salmon. We went to the manistee river weir. Where we get to watch the salmon being born. Where they had to fartinazle the salmon. We had to clean the tank two times a week. With is where you have a tube like a vacuum that would take the dirty water out. You would have to put it in bucket. Then you would have to fill them up with clean water and dump it in the tank.  The salmon were eggs when we got them. Then the when to sac fry to fry then smot. To learn about salmon we did a invasive species with is were we learned all about a lot of species. That's what we learn about. --Heather

My class was  raising salmon. We got them on November 9th when they were eggs. We didn't start feeding them or cleaning the tank until they were elvins. Salmon’s have 5 stages eggs, elvin, fry, smolt, and adult. I think that SIC = salmon in the classroom  activity is fun and educational. When we released the salmon they were smolts which is the last stage before they become adults. We released them at bear creek. The DNR was there and caught a bunch of insects my favorite was the damselfly. I think that all the schools should raise salmon.  --JANET

Our class got 200 salmon egg then 94 salmon egg died so we had 106 left. Thar is 5 life cycle of the salmon. Thay start as an egg then an sac fry then a fry and last smolt. That is the life cycle of the salmon.this is some towels are a water vacuum and bocks.that is all you need to no about salmon.   --  Coda  

Our class raised salmon eggs. When they hatched  thay became sac frys. They are called sac fry because they have a sac of food on their bellies. After that they are called frys. When they got older they are called smolts. When the salmon were ready to release we went to Bear Creek to let them go. When we got done releasing the salmon a DNR officer tolled are class about invasive species. I had fun raising salmon this year. --Marty

Me and my class went to The Little Manistee Weir I learned a lot of things like how to harvest salmon eggs and salmon milt. My favorite part was when they were extracting the salmon eggs. November 9th is when we got the salmon eggs. To be correct we got 200eggs, I was very interested in the salmon eggs wanting to know how they would turn out I wondered how big they would get. And how we were going to feed the little alvins. Ever since the alvins became fry’s we had to start taking turns cleaning the salmon tank (that was gross.) When the salmon became smolts we had to say goodbye and we released them at Spirit Of The Woods Bear Creek, and we got to take turns 4 smolts a person not everybody got to release them because there weren't enough smolts. My class released 106 smolts. It was fun though rising the salmon. --Noah