Carl T Johnson

The fifth grade students visited the Carl T. Johnson Hunt & Fish Center in Cadillac.  The  Center provides the story of hunting and fishing in Michigan from the early days of the Indians to the present. A multimedia auditorium has different programs. Native fish species for viewing in our wall-size freshwater aquarium. Group tours and guided hikes explore the 2.5 mile Heritage Nature Trail.

My class went to the Carl T. Johnson  hunting and fishing center in Cadillac. First we put are lunches down and went to go Geocaching.We got to use a GPS to track the Geocaching.  You can you a GPS to track the Geocaching and when you get close you could end up in a beautiful place. We had to find 3 Geocatchings to finish. My friend Coda found 2 and my friend Marty found 1. It was really fun.I had lots of fun. Then we went to go eat lunch. Then after we got done eating we went to look around the museum it was really cool. Then we went back into the room where are lunches were and we voted on a game to play. Then after we played we got on the bus and went back to school.  Jacob

We went to the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing center in Cadillac. It was a very fun field trip. When we got there we went out and hiked. When we were hiking we were also looking for geocaches.When we came back we got to look in the museum. Than we got to talk about bears. Geocaches are boxes that has a signal from a satellite. People trade trinket with other trinkets. Arden

My class and I went on a field trip to the Hunting, Fishing center. We went geocaching down a long trail in Cadillac MI. We had to leave a trinket if we wanted to take something from the geocaching boxes. The way we found the geocaches were we used GPS’s on our phones to track were the geocache is hidden. It took us the most time to find the 2nd one because it was hidden under a log and leaves and under the snow. The geocaching took us about 2 hours altogether. When we got back to the lodge we ate our lunch and then we went to the hunting and fishing rooms. In the fishing room we got to see a live sea lamprey. After we were done looking in the fishing room we went in the hunting room and we got to feel all the furs of the animals in northern Michigan. Once we were done looking at the hunting and fishing rooms we went back into the classroom and learned about bears and we also learned that some of the types of bear spray smell like cake frosting of bacon bits and they actually have the frosting and bacon in them! I had a really fun time at the Carl T hunting and fishing center and hope to go there again. Jayla

Yesterday 3-7-18 our class went on a field trip to the Carl T.  Johnson Hunting and Fishing center in Cadillac. Our class was split into groups. Each group was assigned their own geocaches I was in Mrs.Browns group. A geocache is something someone hides out in the woods for people to find and exchange a trinket for another trinket. Our group used Mathew’s phone and Mrs.Brown’s phone. Then we found to geocaches and went back to the lodge and ate lunch then the DNR officer did a presentation. Then we look at stuff and played a game. The game was who could survive as a bear without dying in hunting season. You were supposed to get cookies( the cookies were fake and made of little pieces of wood) and each cooke had points on the back. You had to get over 80 points to win only 8 of us won. I won with exactly 100 points then we left. It was a lot if fun. Hunter

My class went to the Carl T Johnsen,  HFC in Cadillac on 3-7-18. It was a 1 hour bus ride there and back. When we got there we went into the museum/lodge we went to the last room which was the class room. There was someone who talked to us before we got in our groups and headed out there was a DNR officer that teaches some stuff too . He asked for people that had a smartphone and Ido so I went up there. He had us download a app called geocaching and it was for us to find geocaches around the park so it's just like a GPS and he showed us the whole map and they were everywhere! Than he put us into groups he went down the tables and counted by threes. There were three groups after that we used the restroom and we left into the trail. My phone died right away because of the cold and we haven't even reached any cashes yet. So we hiked some more than coda found a cash and I took a toy train cause that was all there was left. We hiked more and Coda found another one and I did not take anything from this one. We hiked for like a hour and a half and Marty found the last one because we had to find three and so did the other groups. I took a pink plastic coin because I thought it looked cool. We started to walk back and that took like twenty minutes. When we got back we ate lunch and talked about bears and then we played a game about bears it was like when they put little wood circles on the ground with numbers on the bottom and who ever got the most points won and there was a hunter it was Colby and he tagged a lot of people I was one of them the game was about like if someone got under 80 points they starved to death. After that we picked everything up and left. It was really fun I’m going to start using the app to find cashes around me.  Rebecca

My class went to Cadillac to the Carl T. Johnson Hunting/Fishing Center.. We got the app, made an account, and went to get some geocaches. We split into three groups and set off. We geocached using our phones. Geocaches can be little trinkets inside a box. They could also be amazing views. A trinket is a little thing that you have at home. You can bring a trinket and leave a trinket. What I mean is you can trade with the trinkets in a box. I had fun there. I want to go there again sometime. Alex

I liked the field trip it was super fun except for when my group couldn’t find our second geocache so we just find another one to do that was on the map that the DNR gave my group.The geocaching was fun. We had to follow a map to find the other trinkets but it kinda suck because we got use our phones but they died in the cold. So when we put them in our coat they got warm and turned back on. But one more thing the field trip was in Cadillac. Cailee

At the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing in Cadillac we went geocaching which is when you find a trinket and if you brought a trinket you have to leave a trinket. Geocaching is a gps signal that takes you to a container or box that will have a trinket in it or a little notebook to sign or a lighthouse or another place to see.  At the carl t.johnson we got to go and look at the museum that has bears, turkey, fish, moose , and wolves. Mathew

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Cadillac to the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing center. We had so much fun there. First we went to the lodge so a DNR can talk to us. He told us to get a app called geocaching. After that we started geocaching. We found two containers. We each got one trinket. When that was done we headed back to the lodge to eat lunch. Then the guy gave us about 30 minutes to look around the museum. He also talked about black bears and we played a game. The game is kind of like tag but one person is a hunter. I really want to go back this was the most awesome field trip ever. Colby  

My class went to the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing center in Cadillac.It was a one-hour drive from the school to the center.  The first thing we did was Geocaching it was really fun! Geocaching is where you follow GPS coordinates to find a container with ether trinkets or a mini notebook to write your name and the date in. Sometimes you may even end up at a lighthouse or a pretty view.  It took us around two hours.  After that we followed the trail back to the center, when we got back we ate our lunches for a while.  After that we took a look at the museums for hunting and fishing.  Then we voted on what to do next, we had three options invasive species talk, bear talk, and skins and skulls.  We chose bear talk, we went over what to do if you get chased by a bear and what bear eats, why they eat our trash.  We even got to smell two different baits they were cake icing and hickory smoked bacon.  When we were done with that we played a survival game, we were all bears and ten of us got tagged by the hunter, but not me.  We had to get 80 points to live, to get points you have to pick small piece of wood with a number on it, but you can only pick them up one at a time.  Also three people could not be tagged, one person was a mama bear, one person was a bear with a broken leg, and the other person was a blind bear.  Then sadly it was time to go back to the school.  Ava        

My class went to the Carl T. Johnson hunting and Fishing Center. If you brought a trinket you could have swapped while we were geocaching. In geocaching you go into the woods and find these little boxes. You have an app where you follow a GPS signal to find hidden trinkets. Then we had a bear presentation where we played a game on how much food bears needed. Heather

My class and I went on a field trip to the Carl T. Johnson fishing hunting center in Cadillac . We had to bring trinkets to go geocaching. Geocaching is when you go outside and follow a GPS to try and find some cool stuff . I got a necklace, dice, and a clam shell. It was very fun. When we got back from geocaching we ate lunch then learned about bears. One of the most fascinating things I learned was a momma bear feeds herself first then her cub. When we got done learning about bears sadly we had to go but I did enjoy learning about bears. Janet

We went to the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing center it was so fun. First we went geocaching, and to help I downloaded the app it was so cool. Geocaching is where if you have the app find a geo trunk on the map and you follow a GPS signal. Inside the trunk there are thing that if you like you can take, or if you find a notepad you can write you name and the date on it. After lunch we played bear program. We learn a lot about bears and their habitat. Then we played a game were we had to get 80 pounds of food. There were 3 special bears. My bear was 1 of those 3  and I got a blind bear and I only got 4 pounds. I hope someday my friends and I can go then again. Nolan

Our class went to the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center in Cadillac yesterday. It was really fun. The best thing we did was geocaching. To goecach, you use a gps geocach app to get close to the container then find the hidden container under something like a log, or in a hole. Take a trinket and leave one. Our group was walking for like .3 miles and came to a dead end.  Kaleb 3 - 8 - 18.

We went to the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing center on our class field trip. We went to Cadillac. The DNR taught us how to Geocache. They showed us an app called geocache. Tht app showed us all of the geocaches out there. We had to follow trails to find the geocaches. If someone found a geocache there are trinkets that you could trade. If you put one in the cup then you could take one out. Our group used Matthew’s phone to find the trinket’s. Then at the last 40 minetts. we got to play a game. There was three special bears. Coda, Nolan, and Janet. Cada had a broken leg. Nolan couldn't see. And Janet was the mama bear. Janet had to get 160 cooke’s for her and her cub. Coda couldn’t walk as fast. That was a fun game. Thomas

My class took a field trip to Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing center in Cadillac. The first thing we did was geocaching. People put geocaches just about everywhere. A geocaching is when you follow a map/GPS that leads you to a beautiful places or what we found were containers with a trinket in it. A trinket is like a smallish object that they had. After we were done geocaching we found are way back to the center and ate our lunch. When we were done eating we looked through the museum. Our class voted on what to do next. Our choices were Bear talk, invasive species talk, or skulls and furs. We voted on invasive species but the chaperones thought it would be better to do the bears because we already did the other ones.  The DNR officer told us what to do if a bear to chases you, the smell that attracts it, it’s habitat, how DNR officers could figure out how many kill tags for bears to give out, and more things about the bears. Before we left we played a bear survival game. The point of the game was to enough food the survive. Each bear needed 80 pounds of food, but if you get tagged by a hunter you have to put back you all food and sit out. I hope I can visit this place again. Veronica

On March 7th our fifth grade class went on a trip to go to the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing  center. First we went on a hike to go geocaching around Cadillac. Geocaching is a gps to find the navigation of a place,object,or even a little trinket.  That was super fun. A couple of us went ahead of the chaperon and the navigators stayed right next to Mrs.Brown. We were walking around alot. When we found our first geocache we signed our name as Onekama 5th grade class.  We got super excited when we found it Mrs.Brown kept saying that we were close to the geocache. On our way back to the cabin we found another geo. This one we got to exchange a gift or two. I got a loom bracelet. On our way to the cabin to eat lunch we all found each other’s group and walked back.  I fell down so hard i lost my breath it was still really funny though. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with potato chips and a banana and a butterfinger. We had a talk about the bears in michigan and how they will come into your backyard and eat. If the next day there is still no food. They will always come back to your backyard. We also learned that some people may think that there are wolverines in michigan but there are not.  The only wolverine in michigan was one that came of a barge from alaska to canada to the thumb. That was the only wolverine in michigan. After that we got to play around the museum. I took a lot of pictures of bears,fish,and a moose's butt. We got to lay a game after playing around,it was a hunting and tagging game. Colby was the hunter, Nolan,Coda,and Janet was mama bear. The whole point of the game was to collect ‘’Cookies” so you won't have to starve to death.  Also don't get shot/tagged by the hunter. I starved to death that sucked. Lastly,we had to go back to school which took about 2 hours to get back home. I had the best time of my life at the Carl T. Johnson hunting and fishing center. Cora.

My class went on a field trip to learn about bear’s and geocaching. Win we got there a DNR officer told us about geocaching. After he got done talking we went geocaching. Geocaching is win you follow a satellite signal that will lead you to something cool. Win  we got in side the DNR officer told us about bear’s. He said that a female bear will feed itself before it feeds its cubs. He also said that if the bear population got out of hand that they had to do something to lower the bear population. I would like to go to this place again. Marty

We went for a walk in the woods. We went geocaching. Geocaching is following a GPS signal to take you to places.  We found little trinkets during our Geocaching. Then we went back to the hunting and fishing center and plaid a game. About bears.  Coda

We went on a field trip to the Carl T. Johnson HFC in Cadillac.  We went out in the woods and found trinkets using a GPS. We had lunch.  The DNR officer talked to us about bears and their habitat. We also played a game about bear survival.  I really liked this place and I want to go back. Braydon