Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of Balance / Auditory / Vision eXercises of varied complexity, most of which are deeply rooted in rhythm similar to the flow of a pendulum. These exercises require full-body coordination and focused attention.  

What a headline!—The idea was hatched at a March 2018 Bal-A-Vis-X (BAVX) training in Frankfort, MI, where two teachers from different school districts met. Over the course of the weekend training, the plan emerged: Frankfort 4th graders would travel to Onekama to teach their 5th graders basic bag and ball exercises. 4th graders had incorporated BAVX into their daily routine since September, learning exercises as well as overlaying spelling, math and rote memory skills. They learned to teach each other and worked with 1st and 6th grade students in their building. One month after developing the plan, students from both schools met. They worked together teaching, learning, and practicing basic BAVX skills. At the end of the day, 53 students were standing in a very large circle doing a one ball bounce with technique and in sync! What a great experience! They are now planning a reciprocal BAVX day for May at the Frankfort school. —MaryAnn Short, MA, M.O.B.B.I., BAVX Trainer