Third Graders Introduced to Robotics


On February 15, the third grade class of Onekama School welcomed a special guest: Ms. Stefanie Tschirhart-Baldwin, Center Director of Sylvan Learning in Traverse City.


Tschirhart-Baldwin presented a lesson on introductory robotics to an eager class of potential future scientists, computer programmers, and engineers.


Students were provided with touch-screen laptop computers, and they were instructed on how to build and program robots using LEGO bricks and software. The result was the creation of robotic birds that the students brought to life.


Stated Onekama student Johnathan Kmiecik, “Brayden and I made dancing birds. The best part was learning about programming.”  


Students were able to program their "birds" to dance in one direction, to change direction, and then to make their robots chirp. Commented student Alecia Hayes, “My favorite part was when the birds chirped.  We made them make different sounds, and we built them together.”


“The lesson included S.T.E.M. [science, technology, engineering, math] concepts, teambuilding, and hands-on learning activities,” explained Onekama Elementary School teacher Shantel Niederstadt. “It was a winning combination!”

Sean Fitzgerald, Collin Lindeman and Owen Madsen work together to start planning how to build a "bird."

Kendra Circle, Aubry LeSarge and Alecia Hayes make decisions on how to program their "birds."

Dainyn Roberts and Jakob Wicinski connect their "birds" to the laptop to start programming.

 Anna Bradford, Hailey Hart and Jennifer Kmiecik problem-solve how to program their "birds" to spin.

 Brayden Harnick fixes the gears to get them spinning again.

Onekama 3rd Grade 
February 2017