More Science Writing about Experements

Additional Science Writings by 4th graders


We Made Plastic

In class we made plastic out of warm milk with vinegar. It made the milk curdle into small chunks. We put it in paper towels to get all the not curdled milk out. I turned mine into a cube.  Then we dried it out and it was like plastic. It works the same as a real die. Caden


    My class made plastic. We used warm milk mixed with vinegar. We wrapped it in a napkin and squeezed it. We were supposed to squeeze it so, the juice would come out. Then we scrapped the “plastic”off the napkin and shaped it. Mrs.Myers said it would harden in a few days. People made shapes like a heart and a cube. ~Veronica


Plastic Bag Explosion


We made a plastic bag explosion. First you need to put baking soda in a tissue. Next you put vinegar in a plastic bag. Then you put the tissue in the plastic bag throw it so it gets bigger and bigger and it pops. So you had to wrap up the baking soda into a ball. Beware you need to shake it before you throw it.   ~Heather


My class and I did an experiment with a plastic bag, baking soda, and vinegar.first we wrapped the baking soda in tissue then we put vinegar into a plastic bag and zipped it half way then we went outside dropped the tissue in the bag zipped it quickly and tossed the bag on the ground. it puffed up and exploded and made a loud boom! ~Janet


Elephant Toothpaste


The Friday before spring break our class made Elephant toothpaste. To make the elephant toothpaste we needed yeast, warm water, soap, food coloring and hydrogen peroxide 3%. When we mixed all the ingredients together and put the mixture into a beaker. We put our goggles on and put the beaker in a plastic tub then we mixed it up and then we set it down and when we did it shot up and went all over the plastic tub. It was the most fun experiment we have ever done in Mrs. Brown’s class before. I hope we will be able to do it again at home or maybe even at school again sometime. ~Jayla


We put hydrogen peroxide in at test tube and then we put food coloring soap and yeast and water. but ours did not work so we put more yeast and water. Then we poured yeast into 3% hydrogen peroxide and it overflod in our container. It was blue foam It was a good experiment.  ~Tucker



Floating Carrot


     We did an experiment with a carrot in a graduated cylinder. We put water in the graduated cylinder. Then we put a carrot in the water. Next we put salt in the water until the carrot was floating. Last we put more water in the graduated cylinder until the carrot hovered in the middle of the graduated cylinder. The next day we filled out a paper on it. ~Kaleb,.


So our class had to do this assignment where we put a water in graduated cylinder and then we put a carrot in it. The carrot dropped to the bottom we put in salt and the carrot started to float and are class did experiments with it. 

Rubbing Alcohol Explosion


         Before spring break we did a lot of experiments. Mrs. Myers had us watch her take a beaker and, she put rubbing alcohol in it and swirled the rubbing alcohol around. Then she took a lighter and lit the bottle. The fire slowly move down the skinny part of the beaker. When the fire got to the bottom of the beaker it flew up really fast and a bluish reddish and orangish flame flew out of the beaker.We got some videos of it. It was sweet. ~Hunter


We put rubbing  alcohol into a beaker. Mrs. Myers had a lighter to start the explosive. It made a weird sound when Mrs. Myers lit it up. It was so cool, very cool.   ~Cailee



Coke Bottle Experiment


We put the vinegar in the coke bottle and we put the baking soda in the

balloon. The vinegar and the baking soda made the balloon blow up. ~Braydon


We blow up a balloon on a bottle. We put Vinegar in the bottle and we put Baking Soda in the balloon. Then we watched the balloon inflate when we mixed the vinegar and baking soda the balloon got bigger and bigger and bigger...~Coda


Mrs. Myers had a hard boiled egg and a bottle.then Mrs. Myers put the egg on the bottle then lit a paper. A few seconds the egg slips in the bottle. Then Mrs. Myers tried to get it out it would not come out of the bottle. ~Marty