Our Field Trip to Magoon Creek

Last week my class and I went to a field trip to Magoon Creek. One of my favorites was when we got to plant trees. We had to make a hole to put the plant in. Then someone had to put the tree in. We had to be careful to put the roots in or it would die because all the roots are tangled together. Then we had to push some sand in with our shoes to keep the tree straight or it would fall down. It was fun going on that field trip.   -Salvador  


    Last week my class went to Magoon Creek.  There were six stops. My favorite was Mr. Subaski. Planting trees was awesome. We used a digging spade. Mr. Purdy showed us his wood carvings. Mr. Barto showed us his birds. We even got to hold a dead bird it felt weird! It was awesome. After everything we went to eat. Then we went back. It was the best field trip.    -Ethan


    My class went to Magoon Creek on Thursday May 18th.  First we went to Mr. Purdys where he carved bows with wood. We also learned about the kalkaska soil which is the Michigan state soil. Then we walked over to Mr. Ramon it started to rain so we couldn't here about Native American flutes and music. Mr. Barto helped us learn about birds of the area. We held dead birds and a dead bat. My favorite thing was Kayla Knoll and Joyce Durdle. We studied bugs from the stream. My second favorite was Mr. Sobaski. At Mr. Sobaski we learned about trees and how to plant trees with a spade. I learned a lot by that trip and it was fun.     -Max 

Magoon Creek
By Autumn 

    Our class went to Magoon Creek on Thursday, May 18th. It was one of the best field trips I have ever been on. Mr. Purdy is a wood carver. He’s been carving wood for almost his whole life. Mr. Purdy makes bow and arrows, weapons, and love spoons made out of wood. Then we went to the next person. We got to feel clay, soil, dirt, sand, and mud. The next person we went to was a man that told our class about the kinds of birds and how they nested and how they made the nests. The next person we went to see was a man that talked about trees and plants and they let us plant pine trees in the ground. Then we went to see two women that had bugs in little cups so we could test them and look at part of their skin. Then we went to the park to eat lunch.


   The 4th grade class went to Magoon Creek on May 18th. It was so amazing and unbelievable. My favorite speaker was Mr. Purdy. His woodcarving had so much design it was beautiful. The two tools that were my favorite was the tiny knife and bow. The way he talked about what they used it for like hunting and fishing. it was so interesting. I hope one day I can by a good woodcarver like Mr.Purdy.     -Nolan-


    Last week my class went to Magoon Creek. My favorite thing in Magoon Creek was when Mr. Purdy was teaching my class about Native American stuff like knife holders and bow and arrow. It was really cool when we saw the spears.They were really cool, because on the end of the spears there was a really sharp arrow head. Then we went to Mr. Barto about birds in Michigan. All the birds were really cool, but my favorite bird was the robin. Then we went to the soil man Mr. Huey. He taught us about soils. It was really fun going to Magoon Creek. I hope one day I will be able to come back!      - Jacob


       Last Thursday on May 18 my class and I went to Magoon Creek. My favorite speaker was Mrs. Kayla and Mrs. Joyce. They taught us about stream ecology and about the animals that live in it. I didn't know how many weird and kind of gross bugs were in our streams every single day. The weirdest bug I learned about was the toe biter. The toe biter was a really big bug that would bite your toes. It looked really gross, because it was really big and it had a hard shell that acted a lot like armor for the bugs protection. We also went to go see Mr. Ramon. He was a Native American flute and music player. We did not get to hear him play because it started raining, but I really wish I could have heard him because he was the one I was most excited about. The next speaker we heard was Mr. Barto. He taught us about the birds in our area. We got to touch the birds and hold them. The next speaker we went to see was Mr. Huey. He was a soil speaker. He taught us about the soil in the area. Our soil is called Kalkaska soil. After we got to learn about the soil in our area we went to hear Mr. Harold. Mr. Harold taught us about the Wojczechowski home. The Wojczechowski home was a very very old farming home in Kalkaska township. It used to be a countryside area, but now it is surrounded by the woods. There used to not be a trail, but there is now because of the people that owned the property. They made the trail for the people that come to visit the Magoon Creek area. He taught us that if you saw a lilac bush somewhere than that usually meant that someone used or still does live there. People from England would bring lilac bushes from England and other places around the world to Kalkaska. They would make a home and then they would plant their own lilac bush as a sign of home. When we went down the trail to get to our busses I saw a big bunch of crows picking at something, but I did not look at what it was. When we went on the trail I was worried I was going to get bit by lots of mosquitoes, but I did not even get bit by one and I was very happy about that. One of my many favorite stops we did was the forestry speaker. He let us plant trees and he taught us how to plant them and how to keep them alive. The last thing we did was go to Stronach Park. We played, we ate lunch, and then we played and played some more. I had so much fun and if I ever get the chance to go back there I would definitely not pass up the chance. I think you should really go and visit Magoon Creek some time in the future, because I am sure you will have so much fun there and it will be an amazing experience.      -Jayla


    Last Thursday my class went to Magoon Creek. Kayla Knoll and Joyce Durdel did stream ecology. They got bugs from the creek for us to observe. Mr. Purdy did wood carving he carved weapons out of wood. Mr. Barto told us about birds. We got to eat at a park we also played at the park. I really liked this field trip.    -Arden


    Last week my class and I went to Magoon Creek. Their was specer there. My favorite specer was Mr. Purdy-woodcarving. There were wooden hart spoons. Mr. Purdy told my class and I about bows and knives. One of the knives had a arrow head. My secant favorite specer was Mr. Barto. Mr. Barto told us about birds. He even showed us birds feet. I think it's fun to learn about nature.    -Marty


     This year, the fourth grade class went on a field trip to Magoon Creek. One of my favorite speakers talked about forestry. I learned that you use a digging spade to plant trees. First, you have to step on the spade and jump. Once you get it in the ground you have to wiggle the spade around so you can put the tree in. You have to put the roots of the tree in the bottom of the hole or the tree will die. You push the dirt around the tree then the tree is planted. It was my favorite because we got to participate in planting trees. Overall it was a fun trip.    -Caden


Magoon Creek

By Braydon 

    My class went to Magoon Creek on Thursday, May 18. We got to see bugs and worms and worms with bugs. There were dead animals. There were dead birds and a dead bat. The bat died in the barn. We saw clay. It was just like soil. There were lots of birds around. We got to see water bugs in a jar. We took notes.


    Last week on Thursday, May18 the Onekama 4th grade class went to Magoon Creek. It was cool. My favorite stop was when we learned about birds of the area. The man’s name was Mr. Barto. He talked about the birds of the area. He had examples of birds that were dead. He let us pass them around. That was my favorite part of the field trip. In the end we went to Stronach Park. Then we came back to the school. That was the field trip to Magoon Creek.     -Kaleb


  This year Mrs. Bennett’s 4th grade went to Magoon Creek on May 18th. Mr. Barto was my favorite, but I also liked the other speakers. Mr. Barto talked all about birds. We got to hold some birds. He is a bird expert, because he knows so much about birds. He collects bird nests. I think we all had fun. I had a lot of fun.     -Heather


    Last week my class went on a field trip to Magoon Creek. We saw many speakers who told us about what types of things that were once at Magoon Creek. One of my favorite speakers was Mr. Purdy. He talked about bows and how people hunted back then. He also show us some war clubs that people used in war long ago. We also saw a speaker named Mr. Huey. He talked about all the layers of the soil. He told us that all the layers of the ground were decomposed layers of leaves. Then he asked us what the state soil was. We all said Kalkaska soil. It was an amazing trip. I hope I can visit again.     -Hunter


    My class took a field trip to Magoon Creek. One of my favorites was Mr. Barto. Mr. Barto taught us about birds. We even got to touch some real live dried out birds! One of the birds/mammals we got to touch was a bat. Mr. Barto said he liked the bat’s smile. He also said that he needs permission to keep the birds. He told us about the bird's beak like how you can kind of tell what bird it is. Even though the field trip was educational it was still fun.     -Veronica


    This year my class and I went to Magoon Creek. We were scheduled to go on Wednesday but, it was canceled because it was raining. We went on Thursday which was the best day to go on a field trip. It rained about five to ten minutes but it was really sunny and hot after that.

    My favorite part of the trip was Mr.Purdy. Mr.Purdy needed a helper and he asked me.  What he was demonstrating was how the people in Michigan used to carve wedding spoons made from oak, birch, cherry, apple, and red wood. Mr.Purdy gave me a wedding spoon and asked if I would marry him. That was so embarrassing. But also really funny. Another speaker I liked was Mr.Soboski. He was teaching us about planting trees and how to tell the difference between one tree and another. He asked me if I know what a white and black tree was and I said it was a birch tree. He also asked me what tree grows red and silver dotted barrys and I said it's an autumn olive bush.My mom and I go and look for them a lot. I love autumn olives. Mom makes jam out of them to sell at the market.After that we went to Stronach Park to eat lunch. I jump off of an swing. My Grandma and I went home after that. It was so fun.     -Cora



     My class and I went on a field trip to Magoon Creek. I learned many things from the speakers. My favorite was Mrs. Kayla Knoll and Mrs. Joyce Durell.They taught us about the science of limnology which is the study of inland waters.They gave me a little cup of water and inside there were two little bugs. One was a little grub like bug and the other one was really cool. It made a little log around it's body for protection against predators. It was fun listening to Kayla and Joyce talk about the water and the bugs. I really enjoyed it .     -Janet


    Last week our class went to a field trip to Magoon Creek. Mr. Barto talked about a lot of birds. Mr. Barto found a bat in his barn. The bat was hard to move. He had bird nests, bird eggs and bird feet. Mr. Ramon was a Native American. He made a lot of flutes and music. It was an awesome field trip.     -Thomas


    On May 18, our class went on a field trip to Magoon Creek. One of my favorites was Mr. Barto’s talk because he knew a lot more about birds than you would think. We got to hold some birds and a bat. They weren't alive, but it was cool to hold them. We even took a few pictures of the birds in our hands and the bat. We saw a talon of a bird. I don't remember what type of bird it came from. Overall I think it was the best time I had.     -Alexander

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