Learning About Wave Activity

Transverse Wave Activity

    My class has done a lot of activities. My favorite was when each group had to make a phone and my group made a styrofoam phone with a fishing line. Another activity was Mrs. Brown gave each group a slinky, dominoes and rope and we had to make a transverse or longitudinal wave. Before we do an experiment we make a hypothesis which is a prediction. Now we are doing the scientific method. Science is a lot of fun.


   In science we were working on waves we learned about transverse waves and longitudinal waves. We got to make an Educreation about waves. After that we used slinkys, dominoes, string and a parachute. It was a really fun experiment. After that experiment we worked on sound waves. We watched a video of a car window shattering because of loud speakers the we got to play the part of the speaker, windshield and the sound waves. This week we were making phones with styrofoam, paper, plastic, fishing line, yarn and string. ~Jayla

Phone Cups
By Coda

    We made phone cups out of fishing line, paper clips, and foam cups. Then once we put the hole in the cup and put in the string, we tied on the paper clip to the string and then we tried talking into the phones that we made. They sounded very clear. 

Our class and I did an experiment on waves. One of them was that we went to the gym and we were all in groups so the point was to make waves out of string. Another one we did was that we had signs on us and one person was the speaker and then there was about 3 to 4 people that were blobs and one person was the windshield. The speaker would make vibrations to crack the windshield. So the speaker would make air blobs to hit the windshield so we would move back and forth to hit the windshield. ~Cora

We used plastic cups and string and you can hear the viberations in the rope.  ~Braydon


My favorite science project was the parachute because we had a lot and we got to see how transverse waves moved. I also liked it when we got to see the car windows explode because it was cool and I didn't know that theo windows would explode. I learned a lot. Science is cool. ~Jarred

My class did a sound wave activity with a fishing line yarn and string for are cups we had plastic paper and Styrofoam. We put the fishing line both side inside the cup then used them to talk to the other person.  ~Nolan


Transverse are waves that go up and down like if you put a paper in front of a facet air it move up and down. ~Autumn