We Prove Sound Travels in Waves

    We made string phones. Every group used different strings and cups. My group made one with fishing line with a paper cup. You could actually hear the sound through the fishing line. Another activity that we did was we went to the gym and made waves with strings. You would move your hands back and forth to make a wave. I really like science.  ~Caden

We learn about waves. My favorite is the cup and Morse code activity. They’re fun. When we did the cup activity we did plastic cup and string. it was fun. ~Ethan

I liked the transverse wave experiment. It was fun. We also did a longitudinal wave experiment. It was fun.  We also did a parachute experiment. We went outside we all got our own tug to make a wave.  Yesterday we did a cup experiment. We had fishing line and plastic. all of us did good.  We learned about scientific method. We did a worksheet about writing a hypothesis. We made a conclusion.  ~Max

   My class did an Activity in Science. We did an activity with paper cups and styrofoam cups and plastic cups. We used yarn and fishing line. The fishing line worked better than yarn and the styrofoam cup worked best. It was really fun. ~Rebecca

   We did a project on waves. We used a slinky, dominoes and a rope. The rope you moved your hand up and down. The dominoes we set up in row. The slinky up and down. I hope you can do it at home. ~Heather

My class been studying about all kind of different of things in science. We did some activity so we can see what the waves look like. The waves we made had been made of a lot of things for each wave. We made a transverse wave with a parachute. After we made that wave we made a longitudinal wave by slightly pushing the people in front of us and did it over and over again. We also made a phone made of cups that we could take home. We also did a little activity that was about morse code and we wrote a little letter to friends. Our class had done a lot of things in science. ~Waaba

For science we have been doing a lot with waves. Like one of the activities we did was dropping a ball in some water and we watch the waves bounce of the sides of the bin. And we did a activity when we made both transverse and longitudinal waves. Now we are working on sound waves and how they work. Now for like a week or so we were making cup phones. And we also learned the scientific method.  ~Hunter

October 2016