Selling Pies for an Excellent Cause

The Onekama Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) had a Thanksgiving pie fundraiser to support the Good Behavior Ski Trip at Crystal Mountain and transportation cost of field trips for Onekama students.

 All fresh baked pies were made at the Glenwood (9 inch pies).  Choices were: pumpkin, triple berry crumb, apple crumb, and cherry crumb.  Students K-5 sold the pies. Nelson Catanese sold the most pies, and the second grade sold the most of any elementary class . 

Yummy Pies for Sale

I loved selling AND eating the pies. All the money from the pies went to good behavior ski day and other field trips. The school sold more than 500 pies. I sold 7 pies. About a month ago Lauren and I went to all of her neighbors houses to sell pies. We only sold two pies because most of her neighbors weren't there. I had so much fun selling AND eating the pies.  Libby, grade 5


        We sold pies to go on good behavior ski day and other field trip. My favorite field trip is good  behavior ski day. I sold 8 pies. My family got 1 triple berry pie. It looks really really good. I like to eat pies.   ~Drew, grade 5

November 2016

I sold 8 pies so all the kids can go to good behavior ski day and other field trips. If PTO wasn't here we would have to make fundraisers for every field trip. And we probably wouldn't have field trips if PTO wasn't here.  Landon, grade 5


I sold about 6 or 8 pies for good behavior sky day. My grandma took me. We are supposed to save up money for a long drive to crystal mountain with a bus full of people. My favorite part of good behavior sky day is that we get to go down the hill over and over again a lot of times. My mom and dad would have come, but their way too busy a lot of the time. I hope that we'll sell more stuff next time. ~Seth, grade 5