Science 4: Discovering Light

This Thursday our class did an experiment that is with a flashlight , wax paper , clear plastic and aluminum foil. First we got in groups. Then turned off the lights and started the activity. We set the spot up. Next my group was Jacob and Janet. We put the white paper in the back of the object. Then we turned the flashlight in front of the object. We first tested it with no material. We could see the object clearly. Next we tested it with the clear plastic we could see it a little clearly. The next one was with wax paper it was translucent. The last one was with the aluminum foil it was opaque. Then we were done with our experiment. I liked the activity that we did on Thursday.  ~Waaba

We made an activity that was with tin foil, wax paper, and clear plastic. We made a shadow. We used the clear plastic. it was a little blurry. The wax paper was a lot blurry than the clear plastic. The tin foil you couldn’t see the shadow. ~Salvador

I had a lot of fun with this activity we used a few objects a flashlight, tin foil, paper, toy, plastic, wax paper.We moved the toy back and forth to see if we could see it better. The sheet was really easy to talked it about transparent translucent opaque. ~Arden

  This week our experiment was on observing light. We used flashlights, wax paper, clear plastic, tin foil and an object and we turned off the lights and tried to make shadows. First we put clear plastic in front of the flashlight the we put wax paper then we put the tin foil. The tin 
foil was opaque, the wax paper was translucent and the clear plastic was transparent. My group put the flashlight closer and the shadow got smaller and when we put the flashlight farther away it got larger. It was a really fun experiment and I want to do it again. ~Jayla

Yesterday we had a experiment with light. We used a flashlight, aluminum foil, wax paper and, and clear plastic. The best material was clear plastic. the plastic was transparent. I had a lot of fun. I hope we do it again soon. ~Janet

We used a flashlight to see if clear plastic, wax paper, and aluminum foil to see the shadows with all three objects to see how sharp they are. The clear plastic was transparent,  the wax paper was translucent, the aluminum foil was opaque. We also used a hypothesis to guess what the experiment would be like.the experiment/activity was fun. ~Max

Yesterday me and my class did an experiment . We used a textbook, a small object, a sheet of white paper, a flashlight, a sheet of clear plastic, a sheet of wax paper, and a sheet of tinfoil. First we had to make sure our room was dark. Next we put our small object on the textbook. Then we put the white paper behind it. We started to putting the sheets in front of the small object and shined the flashlight to see if you could still see the shadow. The plastic sheet was transparent. The wax paper was translucent. And the tinfoil was opaque. Last we checked our progress.  ~Esther

Yesterday my group and I did an experiment.  We used a flashlight, tin foil, wax paper, clear plastic and a toy snowman.  First, we used the clear plastic the snowman looked fuzzy.  The wax paper was translucent.  Next, we used the wax paper to.  The snowman was very hard to see.  He was transparent.  Then, we used the tin foil but this time we couldn't see him at all.  The tin foil was opaque.  ~Hunter

My class did a activity about light. Mrs. Brown put us in groups and I grabbed one piece of clear plastic. One piece of wax paper. One piece of tin foil. I grabbed a flashlight too. So we had to make the classroom dark. And we got some books and we got a little plastic pumpkin as my object. So I put the pumpkin on the books and shined the light on it. I used clear plastic it was transparent. I used wax paper next it was translucent. I used the tin foil last and it was opaque. The experiment was really fun. ~Rebecca

Yesterday we did a experiment about light. The clear plastic was Transparent. The wax paper was Translucent. The aluminum foil was opaque.And we used a flashlight to make a shadow.  ~Jacob

 In my group I was with Braydon and Salvador. Also my object was an orca. We saw how the shadow got smaller and bigger if we made the flashlight go forwards and backwards. The tin foil made opaque,the wax paper made it translucent and the clear plastic made it transparent. The group experiment was really fun! ~Jarred

   We did an activity about light. You use aluminum foil, wax paper, clear plastic. You put one of your things in front of the item you used. Transparent mean you can see though it. Translucent means that you can not see clearly. Opaque means that you can not see any thing. ~Heather

I did an experiment with an object ,tin foil, wax paper, clear plastic, and a flashlight. The clear plastic was transparent. The wax paper was translucent. The tin foil was opaque. I hope that I get to do it again soon. ~Kaleb     

My class did an experiment. We put  some kind of material in front of a flashlight. Behind the material was an object. Behind that was a paper to see the shadow. The clearest was no material. The least clearest was wax paper, it was translucent . With the tin foil, the light didn’t shine through the foil, it was opaque.  With the clear plastic it was just like no material, it was transparent. It was really fun! ~Veronica 

My partner Nolan and I made a shadow using clear plastic,wax paper,tin foil and and  a object.The clear plastic is transparent. The wax paper is translucent. And the tin foil is opaque. Nolen held a flashlight and I held the paper for the shadow. Next we put clear plastic in front of the flashlight then the wax paper and last we put tin foil in front of it. We thought no objects had the most crisp edges. The tin foil had the least crisp edges. ~CORA 

Yesterday we did an activity with a flashlight, clear plastic, wax paper and aluminum foil. The clear plastic it was transparent. Then we did wax paper and it was translucent. And last we did aluminum foil and that was was opaque . ~Ethan

We did a fun activity with light  and a object to make a shadowy figure.  with no materials at first, then with wax paper and Clear plastic tin foil.   The clear plastic was translucent . Are object was a trophy and we made it look like it run front words side-to-side whit the flashlight and when we Got the right angle it reflect off of it. ~Autumn


              4th Grade Science
                  October 2016