Lima Bean Dissection

Science 4: We dissected a Lima bean seed in 4th grade science to see the three basic parts: the embryo, seed coat and temporary food supply.  We also labeled a foldable for our interactive science notebook. ~Mrs. Brown

We dissected a bean. our teacher put some beans in water. we started out with poking it with a sharp tool. Then we cracked it open with tweezers and looked in side. Then we were looking with our magnifying glass. We were looking for something in side. we seen a type of thing on the bottom. ~Peyton 

We drew a picture of what we thought what it was going to look like inside. We had a sharp tool and a magnifying glass o and we had some tweezers . When we opened it we drew a picture of it. It was a really fun activity. ~Landon

 Today we dissected a Lima bean. We used tweezers and a sharp tool . We saw the seed coat, the embryo, the food storage,,and the leaves. We looked at it with a magnifying glass. ~Quincy

We dissected a lima bean then we looked for the seed coat. Then for the embryo. Then the food storage.  Then the leaves from the embryo. Then we used magnifying  glass to look for the embryo. Then we used the sharp tool to cut open the seed so you could look inside of it with the magnifying glass. when you opens it the coat came right off. ~Noah

We had to dissect a bean to took in side.  We saw the food storage. We saw the embryo. We used the sharp utensils to open the bean. There was a seed coat on the bean. We sock the bean in water to open. ~Andrew

We dissected a lima bean with sharp utensils to open it. We were looking for the seed coat, embryo, and seed food. Most of us saw embryo.  ~Connor L. 

Yesterday April 20, 2016 our class dissected a lima bean. We had used sharp utensils to dissect the bean. It was hard on the bean coat but Mrs. Brown had soaked them in water to soften them up. We had also used a magnifying glass to see the inside of the bean closer. When we cut it open we had saw the embryo the leaves and the food storage.  ~Michael

We did a science activity we cut a lima bean with a sharp tool. there are three parts the seed coat ,embryo, food storage.. ~Toni

When we dissected the bean. we used sharp materials to dissected the bean. Their are four parts of a seed; the seed coat, embryo, food storage, and leafs. I had lots of fun I hope we can do something like it again. ~Aubrey

Yesterday April 20, 2016 we did a bean activity. The type of bean we used was a Lima bean. To open the bean we had to soak the beans in water to soften them up. We had a sharp tool and  a magnifying glass. When we opened the bean it had a embryo inside it and it looked like it was going to sprout. -Ashlyn

One day I walked in my classroom and my teacher said we were going to dissect a bean. We used utinsels. We took a sharp tool. Cut it open and looked inside. We could see the embryo. ~Jesse

Yesterday we did a science experiment that involved dissecting a Lima bean. We used magnifying glass, a sharp thing, and a tweezer. The bean had 3 parts inside of it. The seed coat, the embryo and, the seed food. The seed coat protects the seed. The food storage is the seeds food in till the roots grow. Finally the embryo is the plant. I could pick out all of the parts of the seed. I learned a lot from dissecting a Lima seed. ~Elizabeth


I cut it in the middle of the bean it was flat both sides. it has seed coat and there is a food storage. in the middle it had a leave. ~Eric

We did a activity of a bean dissection. First,we got a bucket of tools. One tool was pointed and we  used it to cut open the seed. Another tool was tweezers and we used those to split open the seed. The inside of the seed was yellow. The yellow was the seeds food. The seed coat fell of the seed. The embryo made the leaves. The leaves were sticking out of some of them. ~Taryn

On Wednesday April 20th me and my class did a bean dissection. The first thing that we did is get a soaked lima beans and then we cut it open and found the embryo and part or the plant. It was really cool and I hope we can do it again! ~Norah