4th Grade Fossil Lesson

We were Paleontologists

By Noah

A fossil starts when an animal dies. The new layers and layers start to pack the animal. Then paleontologist come in to dig up that fossil and see what it is then they Make the bones into the real thing. When we were paleontologist we dug up our own fossil. My fossil looked like a sea shell. It was really fun.We were Paleontologists.



By Toni

Fossils are bones or shells that get buried under many layers of sand.  Then get found by Archaeologists.   than get  studie by paleontologist. We made our own fossil first. we made a shape then we pord plaster of Paris.Thats how we made our fossil.  My fossil came out very good. I love it.

This is How We Made Fossils

By Peyton

Fossils are things that lived long ago. We did an experiment with fossils today and I am going to tell you what we did. First we got some fossils. Then we got some sand. Then we put the sand in a container and put some water in the container but not much. Then we imprinted a shell or whatever  we wanted to do. Then our teacher put something called plaster Paris on the sand and now we are letting it sit overnight then tomorrow we are going to get them. My fossil turned to be nice but the bad part was I put too much water but other than that it was cool. Peyton


Fossil Experient

By Sarah J.

         Fossils are a living thing that died thousands of years ago. Over the years it stayed there it gets covered by dirt, mud, sand, and other content. Then thousands of years pass by and eventually a group of people dig up these bones. Then they are sent to paleontologists were they are put together to figer out what animal it is.

        My class and I did an experiment where we got a bucket and filled it up with sand. Then we all got a little containers that we filled a little less then a half full. We got some water and dampened the sand. Then we took a shell a pine cone anything that would make a cool indentation. So we all pushed the cool object in the damp sand. Once it makes a cool identification you fill it with Plaster a Paris left it setting for two days and one night. Finally we came to science and took the dry Plaster a Paris out of the sand. When we took them out we brushed them off with a funny brush. That's is what we did. 

My Coral Fossil

Connor T.

A fossil can be a imprint from a plant or a bone from a animal that had died a long time ago. Archaeologists did the fossils up and the paleontologist study the fossils to see what type of plant or animal it is. I did an activity where we make a fossil. I made a coral fossil. First you get sand and put it in a boll. After that you get water and sprinkle the water on to the sand. Next you put the coral in the wet sand and take the coral out and put Plaster Paris into the wet sand.

Making Fossils

By Andrew

We made fossils with sand and plaster of Paris. First we had to get sand. Then we put the water in the sand lightly. Then we put the plaster of Paris in the damp Sand. We have to wait for 30 minutes towarow we get to look at them. Fossils are thing that got covered with all kind of dirts.  My fossil turned out really cool. Had  a lot of fun making fossils.