My 3 Favorite Science Experiments

I have three favorite stations in science class. My number one favorite station is when we attached two wires to a giant battery and tied them to a screw and created an electromagnet. I also liked the station were we had a bunch of tiny steel balls and some bar magnets. We made tiny chains out of the tiny balls and tried to take the top one off but they all just collapsed in a heap. I also liked it when we rubbed a pin against a magnet and turned it into a magnet that could pick up other pins.
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There are six  stations that we switched to. The first station was my favorite. its the one where you have a magnet and you have little steel balls and you can see how many you can fit until they fall off. My next favorite is the north and the south magnets. The south and south side do not attract to each other but the north and south stick together. My last favorite station is the one where you can make a magnet by rubbing a needle and a magnet 12 times. Those were my three favorite stations.
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The magnets stuck together at the north and south poles.  

The balls were fun to connect with magnets.  I stuck 10 balls together on the magnet.  

We struck the medal on the magnet 12 times and it turned into a magnet.  I pulled stuff up like a little pin.


I like the activity where we stacked magnets and it looked like they were floating.  I like it when I pushed down on the magnets and they popped up.  Another activity that I liked was I rubbed a pin on a big circle magnet 12 times and then I picked up small pins.  The last activity I liked was the electromagnet because we got to make our own electricity magnet.  The nail got hot. 


 In Science class we did an experiment with magnets. There were six stations but I'm just gonna tell you about my favorite three. First, we worked with a magnet and a pin. And if you rub the pin against the magnets, only in one direction 12 times the pin would become a magnet too. Next, there was a nail wrapped in wire. Then I took the two edges of the wire and put them on a battery. Now the nail is a electro magnet and can pick up things just like a regular magnet. Last, we stacked round magnets on a pole. When we put the south side of the magnet with another south side of a different magnet the top magnet floated. And that is what happened at my favorite science experiments.


In science class we were doing experiments. My favorite was when I had a round magnet and some little pins. When I rubbed the pins it turned into a magnet I could pick other pins up. The second one  I liked was when I had a bar magnet and some steel balls. I could only pick up 12 it was awesome because I could take steel balls like a centimeter off the magnet and they would still stay together. The third one I liked is when I had a battery and wire. I hooked the wire to the battery and a nail and the nail got hot and then I picked small steel things up. It was so fun doing them!!!


My 3 favorite stations in science are the circle magnets, electromagnetic, and the steel balls. The circle magnets you put them on a none magnet pole and put north to north or south to south and it will flout in the air because of the force pushing away from each other. The electromagnet is that you wrap a wire around a nail and hook it to a battery and all the energy goes to the nail to pick up other magnet stuff. The last one is were you stick steel balls to magnet bars and when you pull it away a bit it will still stick and if you pull it away father they will go all over the place.
~Connor L.
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We did an experiment on magnets, my favorite group was when we used lode stone we used the lode stone to connect other steel stuff its cool because when we connect
the magnets it connect all the stuff. I also like the activity when we connect the steel balls I got 8 balls on the magnet it was fun. The activity when we used the nail and the wires on the nail and battery then when we they were connect we touched the steel thing with the nail got picked up. It was all fun.
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In science one of my favorite experiments  was where we made an electro magnet. We had a magnet and we connected a wire to both ends of the battery the rest of the wire was wrapped around a nail and tried to pick up different objects with the nail. Another experiment I liked was when we had pins and a magnet. We had a magnet and we had to rub a pin on on the magnet 12 times going the same way. Then we had to try to connect the pin that we rubbed to another pin to see if it would work. The last one I liked was where there were magnets on like a pole and if you put a north and a north or a south and a south they would float. If you put a north and a south they will attract. The more north and north or south south you put on the closer the bottom two would get. Those are my favorite three experiments that we did in fourth grade science.
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In 4th grade science my group and I did 6 experimentsMy 3 favorite stations were. The one that you put 4 or less magnets on one a metal bar south to south and north to north. The one that you put a cord on a battery and connect it onto a nail and then you could pick things up watch the nail. The one that you could make a magnet with a pin and a magnet by rubbing the pin on the magnet and it made the pin into a magnet and I pick up other pins



     In my class we did six different stations. I will tell about three. There was a station were we could make a magnet. We rubbed a steel pin 12 times agents a magnet. The pin picked up other pins when it didn't do it before. It was awesome.
      The second station was when we picked up steel balls and polled them off but l keped them in the magnetic field. Then they all stayed together because they of magnetic field. When I pulled them out of the magnetic field they went everywhere. It made a mess that we had to clean up. It was fun
      The last one is electromagnet station. We got a nail, wire, and a battery. We twisted the wire on the nail. Then we connected the two wire ends of the wire to the battery. It picked up things like a magnet. Then I noticed that it the wire got hot. It was electricity.
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In science there was one experiment were there was five magnets and a box of pins. I rubbed the pins on the magnets and then the pins stuck together. There was another experiment were there was circle magnets on a pole and when we put north to north on the magnets one magnet floated. The last station is when there was wire rapped around a nail. I connected both the ends of the wire to the battery and when I put the nail to a piece of steel the steel stuck to the nail.

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Here are my favorite science experiments. Make in a electromagnet  put a iron thing and tie and it turn into a magnet. Then we make the iron ball sick to together. We move the magnet and it hover. Those are my favorite experiment.


We rubbed the needle on a magnet together and the needle became a magnet.

We put the balls on the tip of the magnet. When you add more balls they will stick together. If you let go and the magnet is in range they will stick together.

The grand finale, the one you've been waiting for is if you wrap the wires around a nail, and you wrap the wire around the battery, the nail will pick up another nail.  It becomes an electromagnet.

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In science I did an experiment.   My favorite experiment was when I rubbed a needle on a magnet and the needle became a magnet.  My next favorite experiment was when there was a stone called a lodestone that could pick up steel and other kinds of metal.  My other favorite experiment had these round magnets that had a hole in the middle of them.  I put the magnets on the pole.  If you put them on the wrong side the other magnets would be floating.
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My 3 favorite  experiments are when you stack magnets looked like that were floating in the air. The next one was when you have a lobe stone. When the lobe stone got close to the medal the lobe stone pull it all up. One of the experiments was where you had to make a magnet by Rubbing a magnet to a pin and it worked. The  I added two pins.
Connor T
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