Finding Iron in Cereal

Cereal Experiment: The first step is to get a plastic bag and put iron cereal in the bag. The second step is to put some water in the bag. Set the timer to a half an hour. Then flip the bag about every 10 minutes. When your timer goes off you pick the bag up take a magnet and then you find little tiny iron specs in the bag. ~Ashlyn

Cereal Project: My class and I did a project. We were in split up in groups to do this assignment. First we went up to the teacher and filled some water into a ziplock baggie and some Total cereal. Then we closed the bag fermeley and brought it to are seeting area. Then we read in our science book for an half an hour. We shook it every once every time to time. After a while we shook it up put a magnet on it. We shook it and iron that is safe for you to eat is at the top of the bag atrranged to the magnet. So that was my experience with cereal, water, and magnates. ~Sarah

Cereal Box Experiment: The cereal box experiment is when you put cereal in a bag. You let it sit for a wile. Then when you let it sit you shack it. Then we went to get a magnet. After we got a magnet we put the magnet under the bag. Then we shacked it. we held the magnet to the bag and iron came up to the top of the bag. That was the best experiment I have ever done. ~Connor

Cereal: You put 3/4 cereal in a bag 4/2 cups of water in the bag to and wait for 30 min. Then we read more about it by watching  a video then talk about it too. Then we flip the bag every 3 to 2 minutes every time and read more about something else so we can do it some other time. When the time is done we use magnets and rub the magnet on the plastic bag 15 to 20 seconds then you gently take the magnet off and see little pieces of steel  that is o.k. to eat in all kinds of cereal. If you want to have a magnet to stick to you have to eat 1,000 boxes for a magnet to stick to you. That's all of the experiment. ~Connor L.

The cereal activity : For the cereal activity we used total cereal it had iron fillings in it. We filled a ziplock Baggie up with the cereal and we put water in the bag with the cereal. The cereal had to sit for a hour and every 5 minutes we flipped the bag. We shake the bag after we flip it. We got a magnet and put it under the bag. When we flipped the bag back over there was iron sticking to the magnet. ~Taryn

Electromagnet: Last week we did a experiment to make an electromagnet. You had to rap a nail with wire 20,30,or 40 times and then connect the ends to a battery. And then the nail will work like a magnet. And the experiment part was to see how many paper clips could stay on the magnet with how many times you rapped the wire. And there was a question that asked if how many times you rapped the wire would affect the strength of the magnet. And the answer is it does make the magnet stronger if you rap the wire more. That is the experiment that we did last week. ~Libby


Science: I'm writing about the cereal activity. One person shook the bag every five minutes. Then you waited in tell an our. Then you put the magnet on the bag and shook it and iron filings came up. And they looked like little fishes. It was the funnest activity ever. ~ Noah 

I am writing about  science project I did. First  we got some cereal and poured it in a bag. next we poured water in the bag and sealed it closed. Then we let it sit for 30 minutes and flipped it over every 2 to 5 minutes. then we took a magnet and put it under the bag and shook it. After that we moved the magnet around and it looked like little fish were following it. That was our experiment. ~ Peyton

Science: We got to put cereal in a bag. Then we put water in the bag. Then we wait for 30 minutes. Then we had to shake it up 7 times. Then we put a magnet up to the bag. Then it pulled iron to the magnet.  ~Drew

 Science 4th grade:  My class and I did a cereal project. We had a bag with cereal in it. We put water in it for a half hour. Then wean a half hour is done, we put a magnet under the bag. We shook the bag with the magnet under it. Then flip it over there's iron. It was fun I want to do it again. ~Landon

Cereal experiment: One of the experiments we did in class was with cereal. We got cereal and water in a ziplock baggie. Next we set a timer for a half an hour. Every couple minutes we flipped it. After a half an hour each group got a magnet. We shook the bag with the magnet on it and then flipped the bag over with the magnet still on the bag. Then we moved the magnet around on the bag and you could see the iron. It was cool to watch. ~Lauren

Iron in Cereal: In fourth grade science we have been doing experiments. Last week we did an experiment about cereal with water in a ziplock baggie. We had to wait 30 minutes and every 5 minutes we flipped it around. When we were done we got a magnet and put it under the ziplock baggie and shook it around then flipped it over so the magnet was on the top. Then we saw little things called iron and it was following the magnet! Then we did one about when we had a battery and some wire and a nail. When we got ready we got some paper clips and the top of the nail had picked up the paper clips. Those were some of the activities in science. ~ Michael

Iron cerealOne day we went to science the science teacher said we're  gonna take iron out of cereal. We watched a video. Then we tried it. We filled a plastic bag with 2 cups of water. Then put cereal in the bag. We shook it. After a half hour we put a magnet on the bag. Shook it again then we moved the magnet iron flakes came up. It was really fun and cool!  ~Jesse

 Cereal Experiment:    In my 4th grade class I did an experiment. First my group and I got a baggy, then we put water in the baggy, then we put Wheaties in the baggy. After we did that we kept on shaking it we did for a hour. Then we took a magnet and put it on the bag. I SAW IRON IN THE CEREAL! I loved that experiment.  ~Norah

Fourth Grade Science: In my science class we did an experiment where we put Total Cereal in a bag and filled it with water. We watched it for a half hour. Every once in a while we flipped the bag over. Then we put a magnet on the bag and a bunch of little pieces of iron floated up and stuck to the magnet. I can't wait for the next science experiment. ~Quincy

In science we do a lot of things. My favorite was when we put water in a bag with cereal. We put total cereal in the bag and let it sit. For a half an hour the cereal softened. We had to shake it once in awhile. Then it was time to do the experiment we put a magnet under the bag. We shook it 15 times and flipped it over and we seen little pieces of iron~Kylie

 Cereal Experiment: My 4th grade science class just did a cereals experiment. The first thing we did was put total cereal in a in a bag with some water. We let it sit for a half an hour. Then we took the bag and put a magnet under the bag and shook it. Then we flipped the bag and moved the magnet and we seen iron in the cereal. It was cool I am planning on doing it at home. ~Aubrey