WWII Veteran Speaks on Veterans Day

Frank Ball with the 4th and 5th grade Onekama students

          Frank Ball, Veteran
                      By Hailee N.

I got to listen to a World War II Veteran. His name was Mr. Ball. Mr. Ball was really nice, he was in the Navy. He said that all they did too entertain them selves was that they played cards. Also when they weren't working they could sleep. That's all they really could do. Also they could do anything they wanted when they weren't working. 

The oldest people that were on the ship with him he said they were like 35 years old. He said that the longest they've been out is seven weeks. Everybody on the ship couldn't shower for seven weeks. So everybody stunk the same. Also they couldn't tell who stunk the most. If I was on that ship it wouldn't be able to stand the stink and I can't imagine what it would smell like. 

Before they left one place he said they snuck on a pet but he couldn't remember what kind of animal it was. It would've been funny if I would sneek a pet onto a ship. I hope that he remembers what animal he snuck on. I also hope that we would have heard what the animals name was. Mr. Ball said he has been in Maine, Kentucky, Alaska and New York, maybe even more. He lives here in Michigan. A cool fact is that he goes up too Arizona for the winter. I am so glad that he came here to talk to us about his experiences. 

 Frank Ball Vereran
By Jazlyn

Today Mr. Ball (a Word War II Veteran) came in and talked to us about Word War II. It was so amazing. We asked him questions like what was the food like and how did you stay in touch with your family. He would answer our questions and some times he would tell a little story about the war. He was in a submarine. They were about as big as a football field!! He was an electrician. He was on the U.S.S Sturgeon.

They didn't actually use bombs. They used death charges and torpedoes. The death charges made a loud bang. The torpedoes were like bombs. They zipped through the water.

Before they when into the war they had to go to boot camp. Boot camp was usually pretty long, but he went to boot camp during the war and so he was there for a few weeks. He was only 18 went he went into war. He said that there were even some 17 year olds. It was so cool and I hope that he can come in again some time. Mr. Ball was awesome! 

Frank Ball Veteran
By Madison G.

Frank Ball is a 91 year old Veteran who served on a submarine in World War II. He came in and spoke to the fourth and fifth grade class to share about his experiences on the submarine. One of the things he talked about is how when you were on a sub, you couldn't be in contact with family members in any way because they can't know where your submarine is stationed at. Mr. Ball was oversees for about four years. He enlisted himself, he wasn't drafted. 

Mr. Ball doesn't have very many pictures of the historical event because there weren't high tech cameras back then like there are now. He was in the Navy. On the submarine, he was the engineer and the electrician. He wanted to serve in World War II because he thought it would give him a chance to get out of Michigan and kind of like explore the U.S and he even got to go places in the U.S. that you couldn't go now a days. The submarine that Frank Ball was on was called the U.S.S Sturgeon.  The submarine is about one football field long and about 65-70 men were on it at once. 

Almost everyone in the classroom asked one question and got each of them answered. I asked, "How did your service and experiences affect your life?" He answered it by saying, "It affected my life by the way I see things and I don't take anything for granted. All of the experiences were amazing." Having a World War II Veteran speak in front of your 5th grade class is really a one in a lifetime experience for sure. 


Today my class and I got to listen to a World War II Veteran, Frank Ball. When I asked if he had I personal diary he said "No." Why he said no is because if you got trapped by the other people that you are fighting and all your information was in your diary they could use the information. Also the submarine was as long as a foot ball field. A football field is about 360 feet long. His submarine was called the U.S.S Sturgeon. He traveled all around the world some of the places he went was Alaska, Maine, New York, and Connecticut. There isn't a lot of World War II Veterans left in the world so we are pretty lucky to learn all about this experience that some one else had. ~Allyson

Frank Ball a World War II Veteran came to our class today. He was in the Navy. He talked about were he went and what he did. One thing that he did was charge the batteries on the submarine. They charged them at night when they are on the surface. He said they were shot at twice. Only once did they get hit. He talk about what they would do well in the ship. He said they just sleep and worked. He talked about a bunch of cool stuff and he was nice. It was awesome and I could never thank him enough.  ~Adam D.

Today my class got to hear and talk to a World War II Veteran named Mr. Ball. Mr. Ball was working in a submarine. He said he is 91 years old and joined when he was 18. In 1992 he got interviewed. When he got interviewed he and his submarine friends where on the U.S.S Sturgeon. Today was a really fun day with Mr. Ball. ~Laketon

Today is Veterans Day! For Veterans Day a veteran named Frank Ball came to our classroom. Mr. Ball was a Navy Seal from World War II. He was always in a submarine called the U.S.S. Sturgeon. He served for four years. The longest he was under water was for seven weeks. Then he told us that two of his members did not change their clothes for the seven weeks. Also they could not take showers. Frank worked on the engine. He had to charge the battery. I also got to see his dog tag. He told us that a when you got shot it was called a death charge! Mr. Ball was 91 years old.  It was a HUGE honor to meet a World War II Veteran! ~Dante

Today, we got to meet, talk, and ask questions to a World War II veteran named Mr. Ball.  He was in the Navy. He said that they didn't take showers for 7 whole weeks! His submarine was the U.S.S. Sturgeon. He also said that the submarine was as long as a football field! That's about 365 feet long! My question that I asked him was, "Do you recall any particularly humorous or unusual event?" He really didn't know because he couldn't remember so he said no. Also, he said that there was a huge bang because of a death charge. I can't believe that he was in the World War II. I could never be as brave as Mr. Ball~Billie


    Today a veteran named Mr. Ball came into our class and said different things about World War II. We also asked him things like: How did your time in the navy affect how you think about the military? Or, Did you win any medals or citations? Most of our questions about his time in the navy/boot camp he did not remember much. We also asked if any entertaining/humorous things were on the boat and he said that they had cards and on one submarine they had snuck on a pet. His visit was very interesting! ~Ryan P.